iPhone 6 catches fire after being bent

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Apple iPhone 6 on fire

An explosive device, without a doubt. Image source: Geek.com

There has been much-publicised reports about bent iPhone 6 and especially iPhone 6 Plus phones since their debut. Nothing will prepare you for something more extreme – one that catches fire after being bent in a front pocket.

Apple went on record to debunk #bendgate and to prove a point showed media around their test labs. Simulated tests applied as much as 55 pounds of pressure across the middle of the phones, amongst numerous rigidity tests that are run. Apple says that tests are run thousands of times.

Video courtesy of Re/code

But hang on. An iPhone 6 just caught fire in someone’s pants. How did that happen? In what appears to be a worst case scenario, Philip Lechter, an iPhone 6 owner, got more than he ever bargained for when his new iPhone 6, which was in a leather case, caught fire in his front pocket after accidently bent from an accident involving a petticab.

The iPhone was bent in an extreme fashion, which caused the built-in battery to puncture. When a battery is punctured, bad things can happen.

The subsequent fire caused first and second degree burns on Lechter.


My baby’s got the bends. Image course: Extremetech.com

Let’s face it. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are far from rigid. It doesn’t seem like Apple’s going to do anything to fix the ‘problem’ so users may want to think about being extra careful with the phones. A rugged case like an Otterbox would likely do the trick.

In retrospect, are manufacturers compromising rigidity for ultra thinness?

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Source: Geek.com 

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