Mac OS X 10.3.7 Update

Apple quietly releases a much-needed update to Mac OS X, after the rather buggy and slow 10.3.6 release. Been experiencing application slowdown, Finder freezes, quirky networking in the previous release. The 26MB 10.3.7 update installed without problems. Everything seems slightly snappier. No problems or known problems as yet. According to Apple’s technotes, the update resolves […]...More

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Satria R3 – Links

For curious and interested enthusiasts, here are some links for the Satria R3. Forums -> NEW SATRIA R3 Topic Team Matrix Motorsport R3 mods R3-Satria (GTi) Race Rally Research...More

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Satria R3: Addicted to Drive

My apologies for the silence. Been too busy driving. Would love to have said “too busy driving fast”, but that would be lying. Not that I’m not tempted. Since getting my car precisely 3 days ago, I’ve done 400kms. I’m attempting to run-in the car as quickly as I can. Getting a little impatient running […]...More

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Breaking a Virgin : Part Deux

Referring to the previous post “Breaking A Virgin : Gentle or Hard + Fast?”, I am posting some comments by fellow ‘experienced’ reader Eric, which I think readers will find useful in the process of deflowering a virgin and ensuring smooth, well-oiled performance throughout....More

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Breaking a Virgin : Gentle or Hard + Fast?

There seems a dearth of literature on proper ways to break-in or run-in a new engine, whether for a virgin car or motorbike. Car manufacturers recommend a gentle break-in, especially from 0km – 3,000kms. Motoman, a tuner based in the States, however, seems to think otherwise. The controversial MotoMan wrote “Break-in Secrets” after applying his […]...More

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The Street Shootout is back!

The popular drift and time attack challenge organised by Proton is making a comeback at Sepang on the 4th-5th December 2004. Held in conjuction with the Proton Track Carnival Sepang 2004, the 4th SSO in the series will be the last for the year. The Time Attack challenge will see the Pre-Viagra class (below 1300cc) […]...More

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Mac OS X Lagfest

If you haven’t downloaded and installed it already, the Mac OS X 10.3.6 client and server updates are available for download from Apple servers. Released yesterday, noted improvements and changes are: – network volumes are now available in the Finder sidebar and Desktop for convenient access – improved file sharing and directory services for Mac […]...More

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96/99 UK-spec Proton Persona For Quick Sale!

I have a UK-spec Proton Persona 1.8 SEi sedan for sale. Need to sell this fast. Specs as follows: Engine 1996/99 Proton Persona 1.8 SEi sedan (UK-spec) 4G93P Single-cam MPI engine 1834cc Pipercross drop-in filter with cold-air intake Custom downpipe + 2″ stainless steel exhaust system Apexi muffler Lightweight cam pulley MMC engine mounts (new) […]...More

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Satria R3 – Booked! (but not without hassle!)

I’ve never been this excited or nervous about a car. Seriously wierd. It was much anticipated. In fact, I grew so impatient I was logging on to the ProtonEdar site at 2.00pm. Kiasu! Bookings for the race-bred Satria R3 began at 3.00pm sharp today. When the official R3 booking page came up at 3.00pm, I […]...More

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iMac G5 Launch : Where did the computer go?

MyMUG crew – Sean, Azul, me, Alvin, Chris (Azxel) + Juan (Qwerty) The where-in-heaven’s-name-is-the-computer iMac G5 was officially launch with much fanfare and excitement last night at Velvet Underground : Zouk. Rudy of the Morning Crew emceed and he was as entertaining as he was funny and spirited. I had attended the event with […]...More

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