ZTE Blade V7 LIte

If you think that owning a metal smartphone means digging deep into your pockets, well, think again. As luck would have it, an ambitious smartphone maker wants you and everyone else to own a metal smartphone—without breaking the bank. The ZTE Blade V7 Lite brings you premium looks and an all-metal finish. Say goodbye to cheap-looking budget phones and slow-poke performance.

Metal for less

The ZTE Blade V7 Lite is a deceiving device. The all-metal body looks and feels great. It looks premium and surprisingly well built. In fact, it looks much more premium than it actually should. And then you’re reminded of its price, and you go, “Oh wow, really?”

You’ll appreciate the metal finish and how it fits in your hand, and how it’s also perfect for single-handed use.

ZTE Blade V7 LIte

Let the fingers do the walking

A huge surprise on this little smartphone is the inclusion of a fast fingerprint sensor, on the back. The fingerprint sensor is snappy, unlocking the phone at a touch. But wait, here’s where it’s impressive—it’s got other tricks up its sleeve, too.

You can assign different tasks to up to five fingers—launch applications, secure certain applications and more.

ZTE Blade V7 LIte

Wave your hands in the air

You can’t accuse ZTE for not being creative, because they are. The Blade V7 Lite introduces a snazzy new way to interact with your phone: Air Gestures. Hold down the volume button and trace a particular alphabet, to launch an app or task, when the screen is off. For example, trace an ‘M’ in the air, and watch as the device fires up music.

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ZTE Blade V7 LIte

Frontal flashing done right

The Blade V7 Lite surprisingly comes with two commendable snappers—the 13MP rear shooter with LED flash, and a big 8MP front unit. What’s special though is that the selfie shooter comes in-built with a dedicated front LED flash. This means you’ll never ever take a badly-lit selfie ever again. Not even in low light environments. While other phones merely depend on screen flashes at best, the Blade V7 Lite takes it up several notches.

ZTE Blade V7 LIte

Two is better than one

The Blade V7 Lite isn’t just a 4G LTE-capable device, but it’s also dual-SIM, dual-standby. That makes using two numbers for either personal and/or business; or for those overseas trips an easy, seamless switch between SIMs.

Marshmallow sweetness

It’s one thing to own a budget phone. And another to own a budget phone that runs the latest and greatest Android OS release. The Blade V7 Lite comes with full Android 6.0 Marshmallow goodness out-of-the-box.

ZTE Blade V7 Lite

The big little package

Without a doubt, the ZTE Blade V7 Lite is an impressive little device that’s big on value. For just MYR669 (incl. GST), the all-metal phone gives you premium without costing premium bucks. And wait, for a limited time, Lazada is offering an exclusive deal—just MYR499 while stocks last.

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For more info on the Blade V7 Lite, visit ztedevices.com.my/index.php/2016/05/11/blade-v7-lite/.

Ready to buy? Hit this link ztedevices.com.my/index.php/where-to-buy/

ZTE Blade V7 LIte

This post is brought to you exclusively from ZTE Malaysia.


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