ZTE Blade V7 Lite: Lite only in name, big on everything else

If you think that owning a metal smartphone means digging deep into your pockets, well, think again. As luck would have it, an ambitious smartphone maker wants you and everyone else to own a metal smartphone—without breaking the bank. The ZTE Blade V7 Lite brings you premium looks and an all-metal finish. Say goodbye to cheap-looking budget phones and slow-poke performance.

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ZTE Blade V7 Lite review: Now everyone can have a metal phone

I remember the days when smartphones were plastic or polycarbonate, as some would like to call it. The Nokia Lumia and HTC One made polycarbonate sexy, just as how the iPhone 4 made metal and glass the benchmark of premium-looking phones. These days though, metal smartphones, whether partially or all-in have become the standard amongst the flagships. This also hasn’t stopped smartphone makers from pushing the envelope further. We’ve seen mid-rangers go ‘premium’ with metal, too.

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