Malaysia to host first-ever IMGA mobile games competition in Southeast Asia

IMGA 2016
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IA- Shopee 6.6

Following success in continents, the hugely successful International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA), is coming to Southeast Asia for the first time. Malaysia will play host to the mobile games competition, a collaboration between IMGA and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

This will be the first year the awards will be held in Southeast Asia, fresh from the IMGA celebrating the 12th annual awards ceremony in San Francisco. The awards will recognize talents from the fast growing markets of the region.

IMGA 2016
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Credit: IMGA

Eyes on SEA

It’s all eyes on Southeast Asia as it shows tremendous download and revenue growth year-on-year. 47% of the global game market comes from Asia, with 58% of total gaming growth coming from the Asia Pacific region in 2016 (Newzoo, 2016)

MDEC says the partnership with IMGA is a testament of Malaysia’s commitment to become the leading ASEAN hub for games development. It hopes the event will raise more awareness on the quality of local talent, including a robust regional and local games industry.

IMGA has a long history and has recognized some of the world’s most popular titles in its early days namely Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans.

IMGA 2016
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Credit: IMGA

Calling Malaysian developers

Call for entries has opened until 30 September 2016. Malaysian mobile games studios, indie developers, publishers involved in any form of creation of mobile games are invited to submit their games.

Submit entries to

After an online pre-selection, the judging panel will select winners during the final judging session in an intensive multi-day private roundatable to be held in Penang in early November.

Winners will be announced on 8 November and listed online.

For more information about IMGA, visit


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  • Roslan

    I guess people still not know about the Se7en Gear mobile game that having game hero tournament and even provides grand prizes for the winner. My friends had challenge i to join this tournament and we making a bet whos gonna win this since all of us always joining these type of tournament.

    • Imie

      Yes, that’s true. I also asking my friends about this game hero tournament and they dont know about this and didnt have any clue about this. So, i play the role to give them the info about this mobile game tournament in order to encourage them to join with me.

    • Jerry Siah

      hmm, as i know now se7en gear games has provided new ways to play it which is player can choose their icon from toolkit to represented them before their start to played it..that is what i want too

    • Sara

      Se7en Gear mobile game is quite boring as i much more prefer other mobile game which is mobile legends and others. Having Se7en Gear as game tournament itself is such a not exciting tournament as not so many people knew about this even they provide cash prizes.

    • ong villy

      really? only participate the tournament can win the cash prizes? as i heard that winner of first round tournament has announced on the if there have any term and condition to join the tournament/

    • Dany

      You have to be celcom or xpax subscriber to join the tournament. Currently, i heard that OTT Game hero 1 winner has announced and users can participate the 2nd game hero 2 which is seven gear race to stand win a chance the cash prizes.

    • Roslan

      I also heard bout this, OTT Game hero first winner has announced. I should be playing more better to grab the prizes. It will be a great experience joining this tournament when you re not even win. lol

    • Bobby

      everyone is discussing about this game that it has grand prizes but actually it’s how much? like few thousand for the winner ?

    • gigel pigel

      you haven’t joined yet ??
      try to join n play at least for once ,it’s very interesting.I already joined u know y bcos I wanna give a try to win n get the grand prize ..BMW ler wah who don’t want oo.just playing games then can get BMW ..just give a try and play …

    • wong doaremon

      hmm not everyone interested with the tournament and can join it .. i also not join the tournament because as bi know that this tournament has some term and condition on the player and player should qualified first then can join the tournament..i think you all should get more information before you start to played the games..huhu

    • Winson

      I already check with the terms and conditions, no big deal just have to make sure player is celcom or xpax user that’s all

    • Winson

      fuyoo the prize is really grand omg…but I don’t think I can get the car haha. just maybe aim I can be one of the winner in the rank can already

    • Luq

      se7en gear game tournament , errr its a normal game lor, n as i know its quite boring for me and not i feel that its not challenging at all ler …

    • Ping Pong

      are you sure or not its boring and not challenging @@, i feel its fun to play and so much of challenging in this bcos you are playing it to reach high score in the time they giving much of fun and interesting should give a try before judging without participate i think and some more they giving such a attractive prize

    • Roslan

      Some people have their own opinion about mobile games bcoz some people also did not prefer to play mobile games instead doing other activities. It’s like comparison between man and woman that there will be big gap between man who playing game with woman who playing game. But, if youre looking for game tournament, Se7en Gear is kind of exciting since cash prizes is provided.

    • gigel pigel

      haven’t join the game yet ??
      they giving a valuable prizes ler , do u knw the grand prize is BMW ler ..wah only playing games cn get BWM u know..just give a try n play la ..
      who knws v also cn win in the tournament … 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxox

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