The world goes wild for iPhone X on opening day of sales

Nobody queues for iPhones anymore? Naysayers eat this. With all the talk of production problems and lukewarm response to the iPhone 8, there’s some pressure for Apple to deliver on the much-awaited 10th anniversary iPhone. The good news is, there is demand. The bad news is, if you want one, you’re going to have to queue (probably a long time) for one.

As reported yesterday, queues at Apple Stores at markets the iPhone X is available in, started as early as Wednesday. In Singapore, hundreds queued outside the Orchard Road Apple Store, eager to be the first to get their hands on the latest device from Apple.

Sales of the iPhone X officially start today, 3 November 2017, after a successful pre-order stint that kicked off on 27 October. Apple has said demand has been “off the charts.” And I think I believe them.

It’s the first time in history that Apple has had two smartphone launches in a year, with the iPhone 8 launched in September.

While analysts have revealed that iPhone 8 sales have been “steady” and the older iPhone 7 selling well, as well, it hasn’t been “phenomenal” at least by Apple standards.

The iPhone X however is proving to be a different beast. Sure, it’s still early to tell how well it will do in terms of sales numbers, but judging from the excitement and people scrambling to get their hands on the phone, it’s a very positive sign for Apple.

Australia, by virtue of its geographical placement, was the first in the world to sell the new iPhone. Queues, like in other cities started earlier in the week before the device hit retails shelves.

In Japan, the much-hyped phone saw lines at the Apple Store in Shibuya stretching to at least two streets away.

There was plenty of enthusiasm in the China market as well, across the five different Apple Stores, although queues were not as long.

Whether true hardcore Apple fanboys or scalpers who want to make a fast buck, it’s clear which model people ultimately want to take home.

Sorry, iPhone 8.


Header pic: ChannelNewsAsia

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