What is Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited?

Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited
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Hotlink has just unleashed a new prepaid pack—Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited, offering “truly unlimited Internet” and unlimited calls to all networks, for the first time.

The term “unlimited” is thrown around like a rag doll often by telcos. The question is, is the Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited plan truly unlimited as it claims? Let’s take a deep dive.

In a nutshell, it all starts with a MYR10 prepaid starter pack; as with most if not all prepaid plans, you buy ride-on Internet passes for data and the works. The starter pack will typically give you MYR5 of credit that has a five-day validity and 500MB of free basic internet (64kbps). SMS rates are 15 sen per SMS; calls are 15 sen per 30-second block if you don’t purchase any internet pass.

From this point on, it becomes more complicated—i.e. you’re given more options. Internet passes are split into monthly, weekly, and daily passes offering various perks and value.

But wait, where does the “unlimited” bit come in? Great question. Just like U Mobile’s Giler Unlimited product, which coincidentally, the product’s competitor, it means unlimited quota. Yes, use all you want with no restrictions.

But, here comes the buts. There are caveats.

Depending on which unlimited internet pass you buy, Internet speeds are capped to either 3Mbps or 6Mbps.

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The MYR35 (RRP: MYR38) monthly pass gives you unlimited data quota (capped at 3Mbps), unlimited calls to all networks, and free premium access to Viu.

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Meanwhile, the pricier RM45 (RRP: MYR48) pass gives you double the speeds at 6Mbps, with the same unlimited data quota and unlimited calls to all networks, as well as free premium access to Viu.

Weekly and daily passes cost MYR12 and MYR3, respectively, bundled with unlimited data capped at 3Mbps and unlimited calls to all networks.

Caveat number two, you won’t be able to use this unlimited data for hotspot sharing. To do that, you have three options to unlock uncapped speeds and make use of hotspot sharing. This is, unsurprisingly, subject to the Fair Usage Policy.

You can purchase unlimited, uncapped data for one hour at MYR1, 24 hours at MYR3 (3GB), or a week for MYR10 (5GB).

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How to buy Add-On Internet Pass?

All you need to do is download the Hotlink app from Google Play or App Store to manage and purchase all internet passes. Alternatively, you can also dial *100#.

What about Free Viu Premium Access?

Free Viu Premium Access gives you complimentary unrestricted access to all Viu content for 30 days from the day of redemption. This can be redeemed via the Hotlink app, or you can visit www.hotlink.com.my/maxistv.

This promo runs until 31 December 2020.

Wait, there’s more

Hotlink is giving you a 10 per cent rebate for all app purchases made through Google Play and App Store. You will need to set Hotlink as the mode of payment to enjoy this rebate. This means purchase amounts will be deducted from your credit.

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This promo runs until 31 December 2020.

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One more thing

The current Hotlink SUPERRR pack is now revamped to become Hotlink Prepaid Video, designed for those who stream plenty of high-speed, high-quality videos on their phones.

With this plan, you enjoy free 10GB of dedicated high-speed Internet data for your favourite streaming sites such as YouTube, Viu, iflix, Astro GO, and tonton.

It works the same way as the Hotlink Unlimited Prepaid–you buy a MYR10 starter pack, then add-on Internet Passes to enjoy both high-speed internet data and free internet video data.

Similarly, there are monthly, weekly, and daily passes ranging from MYR3 per day to MYR60 per month. The top-run MYR60 Internet Pass will give you 10GB of high-speed internet, unlimited calls to all networks, and free 20GB of video Internet data.

You may want to read Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited FAQ.

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