WeChat and Yeo’s kick-off “Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest”

WeChat partners Yeo's
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WeChat, global emerging mobile social communication platform, has announced a partnership with Yeo’s, a household food & beverage name in Malaysia. A result of the partnership is a contest called “Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest” which uses WeChat as an exclusive platform. Participants stand to win cash prizes of up to RM500,000 and 72 iPads over 80 days.

Together with over 20 other influencers, I attended an exclusive meet-up with WeChat representatives and the Yeo’s team to commemorate the launch of the contest.

For Yeo’s, it’s an unprecedented move as it embraces digital and social media platforms to engage with its customers. With WeChat, it allows customers to interact with the brand in a more fun, interactive way, and participate in the contest easily, without having to resort to conventional printed contest forms.

The contest runs for a total of 80 days, starting from 13 March to 31 May 2014. Results will be announced daily via WeChat. Thanks to WeChat there is no SMS or postage charges for consumers to participate.

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To enter the contest, you just need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Install WeChat on your smartphone and add YeosMalaysia on WeChat.
  2. Purchase a Yeo’s beverage.
  3. Take a photo of the product/contest code* on an opened pack or bottle of beverage.
  4. Send photo and product/contest code to YeosMalaysia via WeChat.
  5. Upon successful submission, you will be sent a link to view Yeo’s commercial on YouTube.
  6. Answer a simple question, and you’re done!

`You can also watch the steps here – http://www.yeos.com.my/contest/

Qualifying beverages

Any Yeo’s Justea or SoyRich beverage in TetraPak 250ml, Tetra Pak 1L, PET Bottle 350ml, PET Bottle 500ml or PET Bottle 1.5L.

*Each product/contest code is entitled for one entry only. You can submit as many entries as you want but the number of entries will depend on the number of packs purchased.

WeChat partners Yeo's
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For the next 2 months, I’ll be drinking a wholotta this.

What you stand to win

  • Daily Draw RM 3,000.
  • Special Bonus Draw RM 10,000 once every 10 days.
  • Final Grand Prize for RM100,000 draw on the 80th day.


  • Ensure the photo you submit is clear, and shows the product/contest code clearly.
  • Ensure that the Yeo’s beverage is either opened or consumed.
  • Remember to retain the photo of the winning photo as proof of purchase to collect the prize.
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Wish me luck?

For enquiries

Have questions? Catch the Q&A section at www.yeos.com.my/contest/faq

Still have questions?
Customer call line 03-7787 3773

For further details on the contest, please visit www.yeos.com.my/contest or for the WeChat app, please visit www.wechat.com.

Drink and win

I’ve submitted three entries so far, and it looks like I’ll be drinking plenty of soya bean and chrysanthemum tea for the next 80 days.

Good luck, peeps!

P/S: Also met up with some cool people at the event. See pics below 🙂

WeChat partners Yeo's
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With the very talented, and adorable Isabella Kuan. http://www.isabellakuan.com/
WeChat partners Yeo's
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With superstar host Choo Mei Sze. Oh thanks for photobombing, Aric. http://meisze.com/
WeChat partners Yeo's
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Awesome fashionista Joyce Kirsten Wong. http://www.kinkybluefairy.net/

IA- Shopee Mart
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