WD makes cloud storage more personal with My Cloud OS 3

WD My Cloud OS 3
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WD has introduced a slew of enhancements to its WD family of My Cloud personal storage devices including the new My Cloud OS 3 operating system, Software Developer Kit (SDK) and uprated dual-drive My Cloud Mirror personal cloud storage.

The much-anticipated My Cloud OS 3 features a redesigned, intuitive user interface delivering a richer content-sharing experience, as well as much-requested back-up and sync capabilities. As you know, I have a My Cloud Business Series DL4100 personal NAS parked in the office, and new firmware bundled with My Cloud OS 3 and WD Sync will greatly enhance the user experience and feature set.

WD My Cloud OS 3 launch
Also featured at the My Cloud OS 3 product demonstration is the new My Book Pro, held by (second from left) Simon Whitford, Senior Regional Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, WD, and the new My Cloud Mirror held by Margaret Koh, Sales

My Cloud OS 3 features new photo and video capabilities via two new user experiences: MyCloud.com and My Cloud Albums app. With MyCloud.com you can access your My Cloud device via the web. It allows for file collaboration, comprehensive access management and also photos/videos gallery view.

WD Sync

The My Cloud Albums app will be available for download late September on Apple App Store and Google Play store. It will let you send a link to a common location or “album” on the My Cloud device, to be shared to your family and friends.

WD My Cloud OS 3

An essential element of My Cloud OS 3 is WD Sync. If like me, you use cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive (yes I use all of them), then WD Sync will be natural to you. WD Sync lets you sync data across multiple PC and Macs, and also supports file version-ing and file recovery. You can access your data practically from anywhere and on any device.

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The new OS will also allow you to set up automatic camera-roll backup of photos on your smartphones or tablets. It also has an new transfer tool to help you move your files to My Cloud devices easily and quickly. The OS also has Chromebook and Chromecast support.

WD My Cloud OS 3
Simon Whitford, Senior Regional Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, WD

My Cloud Device SDK

WD also introduced My Cloud Device SDK and My Cloud API, enabling developers to build new extensions, features and capabilities within the My Cloud ecosystem. The My Cloud Device SDK is based on the Docker open platform, ensuring easy access and collaboration. Partners already developing for the ecosystem include Plex and Milestone. More will come, including Adobe.

WD My Cloud OS 3 WD My Cloud OS 3

New My Cloud Mirror devices

The new sleeker, more modern My Cloud Mirror personal storage device was introduced, featuring two hard drives set to Mirror Mode (RAID 1). My Cloud Mirror includes an improved processor and 512MB RAM for faster file transfers and application support.

Pricing and availability

WD My Cloud OS 3 is available as a free download now, on My Cloud personal storage devices. Supported devices include My Cloud, My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud Expert Series EX2/EX4, My Cloud Expert Series EX2100/EX4100 and My Cloud Business Series DL2100/DL4100. All WD My Cloud devices can be purchased at select retailers, and are distributed by Amble Action Sdn Bhd and Eternal Asia (M) Sdn Bhd.

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If you’re on mobile, you can download the new WD My Cloud mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

My Cloud Mirror retails for RM1,299 for 4TB, RM1,729 for 6TB and RM2,129 for 8TB. It will be available at select retailers and distributors in October 2015.

Interested developers can download the My Cloud Device SDK and My Cloud API.


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