Ureka Weekend. 100 people. 2.5 Days.

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100 people. 2.5 Days (Friday Evening – Sunday Evening). Business/product/prototype created. UrekaWeekend is an intense event bringing brilliant minds together to create companies, projects and great communities! Participants come from diverse profiles and skill sets such as entrepreneurs, geeks, technical developers, artistic and creative designers, marketing experts, project managers, legal hawks, public relations and many more.

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The participants that attend a UrekaWeekend decide what they want to tackle over the weekend and come out at the end with several developed companies or projects. Attendees are responsible for bringing the same desire and passion to the project and walk out of the room with the task at hand, in a short 54 hours.The UrekaWeekend is not a conference. Spend some time getting to know others at the event.  It is an opportunity to build community and work with great individuals interested in the same thing all while building an exciting project/company.For more info on UrekaWeekend, visit UrekaWeekend.com

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