Oh no, what is it this time?


S2 games has just posted on their forum about a security password breach that happened around 2.30pm EST.

We encourage everyone to change any passwords that were shared with your Heroes of Newerth account. Do not change your Heroes of Newerth account password at this time.

Disregard any out-of-game sources of information at this time.

– Based on the post at HON Forum

However, don’t be alarmed. They are fixing the problem as you read and you may need to change the accounts associate with your HON account such as Garena Login for example.

The reason behind why you must or should not change your HON password is for them to detect the source of the problem and to determine whether the breach has affected beyond or within the HON server and databases.

The game is currently on maintenance until the fix is rectified.

Read the forum: HON

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