Training Mode is Coming to Heart of the Swarm

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So, AI will be helping. Will Kerrigan help too?

Mike Morhaime, president and CEO of Blizzard has revealed some news on the upcoming Startcraft 2 expansion, Heart of the Swarm.

He said in the interview with PCGamesN that a new “training mode” will be included where players can play with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that advises you on how to improve your game-play until you are fit to play the unranked matches.

He pinpointed that the AI will provide tips on what you should be doing and you will have a match with the AI at unranked level after all the training is done.

He added that it will be a little more scripted towards basic build to let you know what you are doing during the training. He also added that it is like a safe build for people to start off which will make them more familiar with the tech tree as there will be differences of tech trees in campaign mode and multiplayer mode.

P/S: Awww… how nice of him to help out the noobs. Now at least they do not have to worry about beginners getting pawned or rage quitting. Guess the game will be more challenging from now on. ~MOSES

Source: GON

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