U Mobile Hero Plus Postpaid lets you share 10GB of data and unlimited calls for MYR50 extra

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Being the underdog, U Mobile has consistently packed value into its postpaid and prepaid mobile plans. Last year, it rolled out the sizzling Power Prepaid pack followed by the epic Hero Postpaid P70. Just last week, it refreshed its Power Prepaid plan with even more free data. It isn’t quite resting on its laurels though. It has just introduced the enhanced ‘Hero Plus’ plan, bringing even more data and value.

To recap, the Hero Postpaid plan offers 7GB of internet data and unlimited calls to all networks at only MYR70 per month.

With Hero Plus, Hero customers only need to pay MYR50 more for an additional line, and enjoy unlimited calls to all networks plus share 10GB of data.

This works out to be only MYR60 per line. The new plan is perfect as a shared plan with your family members or loved ones. Or if you have multiple devices.

You can further share up to a maximum of four lines, from as low as MYR55 per line. This gives you access to up 16GB of shareable data and unlimited calls to all networks.

Check out a quick comparison with other competing telcos – based on one principal and one member line.

I personally use a U Mobile i60 Postpaid plan and a MaxisONE 188 (plus three supplementary lines). The Hero Plus plan does sound incredibly enticing. However, I’ll need to wait out another 12 months before I can switch, to avoid losing my upfront payment on the i60 plan.

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Are you already on U Mobile? What do you think of the enhanced Hero plan?

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