Tried, tested, failed: WhatsApp on iPad 2 (Un-jailbroken)

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If you own an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Symbian smartphone, you probably have the popular messaging app WhatsApp installed. WhatsApp (which costs $0.99 for iOS) allows for text/voice/picture messaging,  for free over WiFi or 3G. Unfortunately for other iOS devices like the iPad or iPod touch, you’re out of luck, if you don’t plan to jailbreak your device that is. The app cannot be installed because it has been given the tag that it is only compatible with the iPhone. However, there is a trick to install and run WhatsApp on non-supported devices using Apple‘s iPhone Configuration Utility.

To install WhatsApp on your iPod touch, follow the steps after the jump.

I downloaded Apple’s ICU and purchased WhatsApp (v2.6.4). After multiple attempts, it still didn’t work. I searched across the web for an older version .ipa and found v2.6.2. It wouldn’t run either. There seems to be a hardware check which doesn’t allow the iPad to fire up the application.

Instructions for those who dare:

  • Buy WhatsApp using iTunes on your Mac/PC
  • Download the iPhone Configuration Utility 3.3
  • Install the iPhone Configuration Utility 3.3
  • In the left column, click ‘Applications’ choose ‘Add’, browse to the iTunes Music folder Music ? iTunes Media ? Mobile Applications and select the package ‘WhatsApp.ipa’.
  • Now connect your iPod Touch/iPad to your Mac and select it under ‘Devices’. Click on the ‘Applications’ tab, select WhatsApp button and click on Install. WhatsApp will now be installed on your iPod Touch/iPad!
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Some iPad users have had some luck with the older versions of WhatsApp. Digisecrets has an awesome visual step-by-step to get it running on non-Jailbroken devices. If you’re brave and want the Jailbroken version, visit Henstudio’s tutorial. Good luck people!
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  • Anonymous

    Hmm wonder if this will work on an ipod

    • Vernon Chan

      iPod touch, yes. 

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