Yes 4G delivers OTA firmware update to Huddle devices

Yes 4G Huddle

Yes 4G, Malaysia’s fast-growing 4G WiMAX provider has announced that it has begun rolling out over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades for its Huddle devices, starting July 15, 2011. The upgrade reportedly delivers better performance and stability. If you’ve noticed rapid blinking (red) on your Huddle lately, fret not, it’s just the automatic upgrade in process.

To ensure that your Huddle is upgraded, however, follow these steps.

  1. Switch on your Huddle to allow the upgrade to be carried out.
  2. Your Huddle will be rapidly blinking in red, indicating upgrade in progress. This will take few minutes and your device’s connectivity indicator will revert to solid state once the firmware has been downloaded.
  3. The new firmware will apply on the device’s next power up.
  4. Note: If your Huddle is switched off, the firmware upgrade will only happen the next time you switch on the device.

To double-check if you’ve got the latest firmware, log in to your Huddle’s admin control panel via your browser. Under firmware, it should show version R2943.

The upgrade is pretty much hassle- and problem-free. However, if you do encounter any complications on the upgrade, please contact YesCare via email [email protected] or call 03-8313 0000.

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