The People to Pizza Hut: Bring Back the Cheesy 7!

Pizza Hut Cheesy 7. Image credit: Pizza Hut Malaysia
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What do you get when you get a crazy bunch of influencers, blindfold them and stuff them with cheese? Some say a whole lot of kinky fun. I say a lot of cheesy goodness. Does that tickle your cheesy fancy? Read on then.

Pizza Hut Cheesy 7. Image credit: Pizza Hut Malaysia
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Kenyang giler babs, but tetap hensem dan ayu!

To tell you the honest truth, I had no idea what I was doing at Pizza Hut except for the fact that I was to test a couple of pizzas albeit super cheesy ones. I’m certainly a huge pizza and pasta fan, especially the authentic thin crust-type with minimal toppings. Ok, so that’s not what Pizza Hut is famous for, but heck, a pizza is a pizza is a pizza right?

Pizza Hut Cheesy 7. Image credit: Pizza Hut Malaysia
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When you do a self-portrait while blindfolded, you are a certified camwhore.

Socialites Being Social

Influencers being influencers were Facebook-ing, tweeting and Instagram-ing from the very beginning. Bring the #Cheesy7 back they said.

Meeting old friends and new from the socialphere was part of the evening’s fun. Amidst the loud chatter and growling tummies in the spacious outlet at Kota Damansara, the chefs were busy prepping our cheesy pan pizzas in the kitchen.

30 Blind Lab Rats

So how do you shut 30 hungry influencers in 15 minutes? Why you blindfold them and stuff them with cheese of course. Our career as lab rats began the moment we got blindfolded by the PR crew. In darkness, our senses heightened. Like white mice our nostrils flared as we whiffed the first scent of cheese. As the chessy aroma grew stronger, we were told there was a slice of pizza on our plates in front of us. Our tastebuds went wild with excitement. Some dribbled. I have no idea who, I was blindfolded, remember?

Pizza Hut Cheesy 7. Image credit: Pizza Hut Malaysia
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In life there are hits and misses. As with Chris here, definitely a miss.

Subject 1: The Classic

Napkins on lap (some around their necks), I picked up Subject 1. Unlike a person we know, the pizza did not miss my mouth. Over 30 years of experience eating mind you! Anyways, Subject 1 was not unlike the Classic Pizza Hut Pan Pizza. It had chicken, beef, sweet onions, mushrooms and peppers, generously topped with possibly several combinations of hot, scrumptious cheese. It was either we were really hungry, or this was really good.

Subject 2: See Food, Eat

Subject 2 was most obviously a seafood pizza with toppings of squid, prawn, onions and cheese. I’m no fan of seafood on a pizza, so I thought this was just ok.

Subject 3: Do the Hula

Hawaiian pizzas are one of my favourite pizzas – a light, minimalist pizza with plenty of flavour and a good combination of sweetness and saltiness. Subject 3 was no different. There was a generous serving of pineapples, chicken ham, onions and cheese.

Subject 4: Where’s the Beef?

Slices of tasty beef pepperoni, fresh tomato base and cheese always go so well on a pizza. Subject 4 had this and more.

The Verdict

Subject 1 gets my vote and I wasn’t the only one who felt the same. Followed closely by Subject 3. ┬áSubject 2 was the least liked. But overall, I think bring all four Cheesy 7 pizzas back. To each his own. There’s something for everyone!

Till the very end, we hadn’t a clue how the pizzas look like. This level of secrecy can only be matched by Apple!

So, when exactly does Cheesy 7 return? Stay tuned with these channels:

Also check out the Cheesy 7 app on FB:

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