TM’s 8 June announcement may make you cry

TM 8 June Announcement

Telekom Malaysia today posted a cryptic message via its unifi mobile and TMGroup Facebook pages. An image of an onion with the inscription “Bawang akan dikupaskan pada 8 Jun ini…” or as translated, “The onion will be peeled on 8 June…” leaves much to the imagination. What could the announcement be? And will it leave us shedding tears of joy?

Based on the image, the announcement will be streamed on FB Live. One can only assume it’s a new product or service, which TM claims is “pertama di Malaysia” or “a first in Malaysia.”

The hashtag #JanganMembawang somewhat throws you a little off, as it’s related to TM’s Anti-Fake News #FITNET campaign.

However, a more likely scenario would be the introduction of TM’s “magic box” broadband service, first mentioned in February this year. This cutting-edge broadband solution can be moved from one home to another, while utilising existing copper lines.

This offers the flexibility of a wireless broadband solution with the underpinnings of a wired infrastructure. This may be marketed as an alternative to unifi’s long-term, fixed-line contract.

In its quarterly financial report announced yesterday, TM Group posted a revenue of MYR2.85 billion for Q1 2018, 3.9 percent lower compared to the year-ago quarter.

While there’s a decline in total fixed broadband customers due to a drop in the number of Streamyx customers, uptake of unifi is encouraging with a 4.5 percent quarterly growth. There are currently 1.18 million unifi customers, with unifi mobile achieving 10 percent penetration of TM’s households.

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In its mobility business, unifi mobile (formerly webe mobile) saw a take up of more than 1.3 million SIMs, thanks to its aggressive #BEBAS campaign.

TM says that 45 percent of TM’s households have a convergence of 3-Play (3P) service and above – a combination of phone, broadband, mobile and TV.  It continues to focus on upgrading customers towards multi-play services.

The self-proclaimed convergence champion also recently launched unifi Wireless Broadband, a flexible, affordable solution for home renters.

The aforementioned “magic box” broadband service could be a crucial piece of the puzzle in its overall unifi strategy.

It’s all wild guessing and speculation for now, so stay tuned for 8 June.


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