Snap Inc. introduces Snap Minis, new developer kits and partnerships

Snap Minis
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At its virtual partner summit today, Snap introduced new developer products and partnerships across its Snap Kit, Snap Games, and Bitmoji ecosystems. The company also introduced Snap Minis, a new way for developers to bring experiences inside Snapchat while leveraging the social power of the platform.

Snap Kit lets developers easily build with Snapchat. Over 800 apps have integrated with Snap Kit and nearly 150 million Snapchatters are engaging with these integrations every month. That’s more than half of the 229 million active monthly Snapchat users globally.

Since its launch in April 2019, more than 100 million Snapchatters have played Snap Games.

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Snap Minis

The new Snap Minis, bite-sized utilities made with HTML5, are built on the same core principles and technologies as Snap Games.

Snap Minis allow developers to build and deploy HTML5 experiences inside Snapchat both on iOS and Android. Because they are based on standard web technology, they work cross-platform and require no installation.

Snap Minis are deeply integrated within conversations on Snapchat, so Snapchatters can instantly and easily use and share Mini experiences, as well as familiar built-in voice and chat features.

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From planning your next festival with friends or making a decision with friends as a group, here are some of the new Minis that are available:

  • Coachella – At the next Coachella, coordinate and plan your festival line-up with your friends.
  • Headspace – With the Headspace Mini, Snapchatters can kickback with quick meditations and send encouraging messages to boost friends in need.
  • Let’s Do It (Snap Inc.) – When you and your friends need to decide as a group, Let’s Do It helps pick your next move.
  • Movie Tickets by Atom – Choose a show time at a local theatre, select the best seats together, and individually pay for tickets to see the show. Stream the latest movie trailers and share them with friends.
  • Prediction Master – From Mammoth Media, Prediction Master serves timely questions on everything from the Stock Market to sneaker drops, so Snapchatters can see which of their friends is the true psychic.
  • Saturn – The Saturn Mini helps students share and compare their class schedules.
  • Tembo – Create flashcard decks with friends on Snapchat, to help cram for your next exam.  

Head over to to learn more.

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Camera Kit

The popular Snapchat camera is both powerful and fun, and with Camera Kit, developers can leverage on Snap’s eight-year investment in the Snapchat camera. Developers can tap into Snapchat’s AR capabilities and camera engagement to enrich the experiences on their own apps.

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Here are some of the Lenses built using Lens Studio and Camera Kit integration:

  • MLB Ballpark app – Baseball fans will be able to interact with their favorite teams and mascots in AR, and celebrate home runs together – at the game, and at home.
  • Nike – Nike is exploring Camera Kit to bring Snapchat Lenses to their new wellness app to enable video responses and duets with creators.
  • Squad – Through Camera Kit, Squad users will be able to add fun Snapchat lenses while they browse, chat, shop, and watch videos together.
  • Triller – Through Triller’s Camera Kit integration, their community will be able to interact with special Snapchat Lenses inspired by artists and songs.

Dynamic Lenses

Moving on, Snap announces Dynamic Lenses, an expansion of its Creative Kit. Dynamic Lenses enable developers to bring real-time information from their app into Snapchat Lenses, making it easy to build custom AR experiences for their communities. Soon, you’ll be able to share lenses to Snapchat from Houseparty, Nike, Rally Road, and Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

Snap is opening applications for app and game developers now.

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Bitmoji for Games

The fun thing about Bitmoji for Games is that it’s personal. Having your own 3D avatar within a game makes it a unique, fun experience. What more when you’re playing with friends. It puts you and your friends right into the action and it’s available virtually on any platform, whether mobile, PC, and console.

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Here are some games that feature Bitmoji:

  • Perfect Master 3D (Gismart) – Fix it like a pro and get ready for the insane puzzle mode! Solve puzzles and test your brain speed! Each level challenges your thinking skills — would you take this challenge?
  • Scrabble GO (Scopely) – Bring the iconic word game experience to life in an all new way – with you!
  • SingHeads (Dream Reality Interactive) – Sing as your Bitmoji, brought to life in augmented reality; a simple, fun and free new musical experience to share with your friends.
  • Super Brawl Universe (Nickelodeon and Playsoft) – Join iconic characters from Nickelodeon’s all-time, most popular shows to battle it out in the ultimate action showdown!
  • Uno! (Mattel) – Try your hand at the classic card game that’s easy to pick up and impossible to put down.
  • Voodoo – Mobile games publisher Voodoo and Snap are teaming up to bring Bitmoji into a new mobile game later this year. More to come!
  • Water Shooty (Rollic and Tiplay Studio) – An addictive, enjoyable water shooting game with cute characters, your Bitmoji and fun gameplay.

Learn more about Bitmoji for Games at

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Snap Games

Introduced last April, Snap Games is a new way to play games on mobile with friends. The platform features a curated selection of both first and third-party titles like Bitmoji Party and Bitmoji Tennis, as well as Zynga’s Tiny Royale. According to Snap, Snapchatters play an average of 20 minutes of its own title, Bitmoji Party, per player every day.

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In addition, more than 25 million unique Snapchatters played Mojiwork’s Ready, Chef, Go! in its first six months of launch. Moreover, Snapchatters who played with friends played twice as long as solo players.

Last December, Snap Games introduced a new gameplay format called Leaderboard Games that allows Snapchatters to play games with friends asynchronously.

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Building upon this momentum, Snap is announcing a new slate of first and third-party games from new and existing partners:

  • Bitmoji Paint (Snap Games Studio) – Bitmoji Paint is a global canvas, where millions of players come together simultaneously to contribute to one, massive collage. Snapchatters can travel the globe virtually, team up with friends to create simple scribbles, fun messages, or even giant landscapes in Bitmoji Paint.
  • Bumped Out (Zynga) – Bumped Out pits players against each other in short sessions where they control customizable vehicles and attempt to bump their friends off an ever-shrinking island.
  • Friend Quizzes (Game Closure) – Friend Quizzes – How well do your friends know you? Share quizzes and discover who gets the highest scores!
  • Nordeus – Mobile games company Nordeus will make a game that challenges Snapchatters to become a soccer champion.
  • Quiz Party (Mojiworks) – Test your knowledge across all kinds of categories against your friends.
  • Ready Set Golf! (PikPok) – In this mini-golf game for Snapchat, players use their wits, reflexes, and luck to sink the ball in the hole first.
  • Sling Racers (Madbox) – Swing, tap to hook, and make incredible jumps in this real-time multiplayer game.
  • Snow Time (Funday Factory) – Hit the slopes with your Bitmoji as you snowboard past your friends’ high scores.
  • Super Snappy Bowling (NOWWA) – In this first real-time, multiplayer bowling game for Snapchat, players compete in different arenas to become the best bowler in the world.
  • Voodoo – Mobile games publisher Voodoo and Snap are teaming up to bring one of their chart topping hyper-casual games to friends on Snapchat around the world. More to come!

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