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Snapchat introduces new gameplay format: Leaderboard Games


Friends who play games together, stay together. But understandably, friends can’t always play at the same time. So today, Snap Games is introducing a new gameplay format called Leaderboard Games that will allow Snapchatters to play games with friends without playing games with friends…at the same time.

Here’s how it works. Leaderboard Games allows you to challenge your Snapchat friends to lighthearted competitions, all while playing on their own time.

The games are casual and easy-to-play, letting you and your friends to play asynchronously to compete for the top spot on the leaderboard amongst your own group of friends.

This new style of play complements the existing real-time multiplayer games found in Snap Games today.

A nifty new feature is called Score Streaming. It shows you your friends’ live score while they’re playing with you.

If you play the same game through a shared conversation, you’ll also see your friends’ Bitmoji peeking over the Chat Bar; like in a chat.

Snap Games: Find My Friends
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There are currently two Leaderboard Games: “Find My Friends” and “Slide the Shakes,” both developed by Snaps own games studio.

“Find My Friends” seems easy at first but gets more and more complex as it goes along. Picking your friends out from a crowd has never been this challenging!

Snap Games: Slide the Shakes
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In “Slide the Shakes,” you deliver delicious milkshakes to friends by sliding them along the bar counter. There are different length bar counters so you’ll need to vary the power of your slide. To make things worse, there are curved-shaped counters, moving platforms, slippery ice and even giant swinging wrecking balls.

How to play Leaderboard Games

  • Open Snapchat (iOS or Android)
  • Tap Chat or swipe right to the Friends screen
  • Open a Chat or Group Chat and tap the rocket icon to open the Game Drawer
  • Look for the trophy icon to play a new Leaderboard Game

If your friends are playing at the same time, you can chat via text or voice while you play

Learn more about Snap Games here.


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