Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2019: UrbanConcept category results

SEMA 2019 Night Race
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On day three of Make the Future Live held at Sepang International Circuit, the exciting Shell Eco-marathon Asia saw teams battle it out in the mileage challenge.

This year, a total of 55 UrbanConcept teams from the region pit their innovative ultra-energy-efficient vehicles against each other in different sub-categories spanning internal combustion engine (ICE), battery electric power and hydrogen fuel cell.

The top three UrbanConcept teams from each category go on to race in the Drivers’ World Championship Qualifier, in a race to see who crosses the finish line first without running out their limited allocation of energy.

Here are the final results in the UrbanConcept category:

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Team UiTM Eco-Planet, a veteran in SEMA, came in third in the hydrogen fuel cell sub-category, after last year’s failed attempt. The team go on to compete in Drivers’ World Championship Asia.

SEMA 2019 Team Malaysia
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Malaysia is represented by five universities: Monash University Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and Multimedia University.

“The UrbanConcept cars seem largely more reliable than in previous years. We already have quite a number of valid runs than ever before. They seem, over all, more reliable and I think being on a professional race track with ample space, big turns for overtaking helped the students to achieve better results” explained Norman Koch, Global General Manager, Make the Future Live and Shell Eco Marathon.

This year’s SEMA is the first night race in the history of the competition, making it a new experience for both spectators and participants. The night race added the extra excitement factor to the racing, and also cooled track temperatures that may have helped the outcome of results.

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Check out the full results and team information here.

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