Satria R3 – 850kms and counting

It’s been exactly a week and 850kms have passed. I have 150kms before the much-anticipated 1,000kms mark. I can’t wait for the first service to get all the metal gunk out from the engine block with a fresh supply of engine oil.

Fuel consumption seemed to have improved a tad since the first refuelling. Numbers are below:

Fuel Consumption
1st Refuel
V-Power : 38 litres @ RM1.57/l – RM60
Mileage : 380km
Approx consumption : 10litres/100km

2nd refuel
V-Power : 38litres @ RM1.57/l – RM60
Mileage : 420km
Approx consumption : 9.04litres/100km

Quoted fuel consumption figures are 12.74litres/100km for urban driving and 6.72litres/100km.

I’ve done mostly urban driving, without revving over 3,000rpm which translates to speeds of less than 110km/h. So far so good.

On with more driving!

By Vernon

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Hi Vernon,

is V-Power really that good for the extra you have to pay? Yes shell will tell us it is but on what grounds? Are there any 3rd party tests done on this petrol?

I was thinking more in the line of octane levels. I know that a higher octane would be better but if I am not wrong, V-Power is at 97RON and so are the rest of other premium petrol.

BTW, I tend to use Caltex. If V-power was of a higher rating, i wouldn’t mind the extra they charge for it. Whats your take on it.



There is no literature nor subtantiated evidence that I have come across or known that V-Power has a higher octane rating than the rest, but I believe it is so, from my vague understanding from a source I forget. If I am not mistaken, and correct me if I am wrong, V-Power is 98RON.

I also believe that all fuels are the same, just the different additives they add to the mixture.

I used to be on Vortex too. And Mobil/Esso isn’t too shabby either. I’m really talking from a performance/power point of you, and V-Power seems to take the cake. It’s especially obvious on smaller cc vehicles, like a Proton Wira 1.3 for example.

Again, I have no concrete evidence, but this is through experience.

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