Unleashing the Tiger

No, this isn’t some sex-related advertisement for some pink-lighted joint in Patpong. Nor is it the latest headline for a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Although I’d wish for both, preferably both in the same sentence. But hey, this is still about something hard. And something soft. Actually, it’s more of a new installment of solid software and hardware integration.

And what do you know? It’s from Apple. The same crazy people who brought you the Mac Mini and the venerable iPod.

Image courtesy of Apple Computer, Inc. (thanks Steve!)

Ladies and gentlemen, straight and otherwise, here’s presenting – Tiger. Or Mac OS X 10.4. The most advanced operating system in the world. Or is it? Hmm… with more than 200 new features, it could well be. Sugar-coated UNIX is what I would describe it. A solid, fast, open operating system. In fact, the MOST open operating system on the planet supporting industry standard protocols.

Come April 29, the Tiger will be unleashed. The question is – Are you ready?

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