Unleashing the Tiger

Shopee 11.11

No, this isn’t some sex-related advertisement for some pink-lighted joint in Patpong. Nor is it the latest headline for a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Although I’d wish for both, preferably both in the same sentence. But hey, this is still about something hard. And something soft. Actually, it’s more of a new instalment of solid software and hardware integration.

And what do you know? It’s from Apple. The same crazy people who brought you the Mac Mini and the venerable iPod.

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Image courtesy of Apple Computer, Inc. (thanks Steve!)

Ladies and gentlemen, straight and otherwise, here’s presenting – Tiger. Or Mac OS X 10.4. The most advanced operating system in the world. Or is it? Hmm… with more than 200 new features, it could well be. Sugar-coated UNIX is what I would describe it. A solid, fast, open operating system. In fact, the MOST open operating system on the planet supporting industry-standard protocols.

Come April 29, the Tiger will be unleashed. The question is – Are you ready?

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  • Anonymous

    Uhm I think that might have been me…
    when I posted I pinged Petaling Street 😛


  • Anonymous

    i browse thru the petaling street just now and just realize that we had quite a similar blog post title. heheh just to tell u that =)

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