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For many, buying or renting property is one of the biggest decisions to make in life. It takes plenty of research, filtering, calling and meeting agents, setting up appointments and visiting property locations. From personal experience – as much as it is exciting, it is also daunting, time consuming and really quite exhausting! A new property portal called PropertyPlus aims to change the way we search, rent or buy property in Malaysia.

PropertyPlus is a group buying portal, that creates a discount platform for property seekers. Think of it as Groupon for property. While successfully introduced in other countries, this is the first time a property site of this nature is launched in Malaysia.

If you’re a property investor yourself, you would have heard or been exposed to property investor clubs locally or abroad. These clubs seek to obtain the best deals from developers, in form of big discounts and lower than retail prices. Buyers are ‘crowdsourced’ as they approach developers as one entity to claim a bulk discount. This concept isn’t really something new.

PropertyPlus’ key objectives are to provide a “membership-free and cost-free” platform for property buyers and investors to obtain significant bulk discounts from property developers. I have personally been involved with ‘bulk purchases’, and it is certainly not something you can do as an individual, unless you’re a multi-millionaire, of course.

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Over the past half a decade, property prices have skyrocketed, and this has put most properties out of reach of many Malaysians. This unfortunately is the stark reality of the property industry, spurred by Malaysia’s strong economic growth and high demand of property. Many reckon property prices are unrealistic and over-valued, as do I, however, prices do not look like they will plateau nor fall any time soon.

How PropertyPlus can help is by connecting developers and motivating them to offer discounts via bulk sales. This is intended to be a win-win situation for both developers and property buyers. Property buyers on one hand get lower prices, while developers sell their property inventory more easily through bulk sale. Developers also tend to spend less on marketing and advertising.

The portal takes pride in its transparency in all deals it offers, with no mark-up pricing whatsoever on all deals. The portal also provides buyers detailed info on all listings as well as provide assistance to buyers in the entire sales process – securing bank loans, documentation work, SPA signing and more.

Most importantly, there’s absolutely no membership nor service fees. It’s online, it’s hassle free and it’s easy.

PropertyPlus is backed by a highly experienced management team with over 150 years of relevant combined industry experience in real estate, investment and finance.

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Quickly register on as the first 1,000 sign ups will enjoy free premium memberships. Besides that, they will also be giving out iPad 4 to the TOP 5 SHARES! 

Do visit PropertyPlus’ official FB page at You can also find out more by calling 010-3731837 or emailing to for any enquiries.

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