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Pokemon GO fans grab PokeMobile and Hotlink goodies


Malaysians have gone Pokemon GO crazy. And that’s likely an understatement. Finally hitting our shores less than two weeks ago, the augmented reality mobile game has captured hearts and mobile screens across the country. As you know, Grab Malaysia and Hotlink partnered recently to launch limited edition PokeMobiles to help Malaysians hunt for Pokemons safely and efficiently.

Within the first two days of the official Pokemon GO launch in Malaysia, Pokemon hunters could book a free ride to the nearest PokeStop by selecting the PokeMobile button within the Grab app.

As a bonus, PokeMobiles are equipped with refreshments, a goodie bag, Hotlink PokeChargers and a Hotlink Fast 4G widescreen monitor.

A total of four Pokemon-themed limited edition Nissan Sentra Grab vehicles were made available for Pokemon hunting over two days.

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A winner of the US$100 worth of PokeCoins by Hotlink

If you’re a Hotlink customer, you’ll also get US$100 worth of PokeCoins via Hotlink Cash Online. You’ll also get 10% off PokeCoins every time via Hotlink Cash Online, and 10% off for in-app purchases on other favourite games and apps.

Some games and apps valid for 10% off include Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Smule, Loong Craft, Crisis Action, Mobile Strike, Castle Clash, Lords Mobile, Candy Crush Sag, Candy Crush Sofa and Last Empre World War Z. Valid until end of the year.

What can US$100 worth of PokeCoins buy you? 145 Pokemon lures to attract more Pokemon to any location; 145 Pokeballs and 96 egg incubators. Sounds great doesn’t it?

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Even RenYi, Co-Founder of myBurgerLab, goes Pokemon hunting in PokeMobile

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