All PLUS toll plazas will accept RFID payment starting 1 April

17 RFID Fitment Centres available at selected R&Rs from 13 March 2020 onwards
Touch 'n Go RFID
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Starting 1 April 2020, all 83 of PLUS Malaysia’s closed system highway toll plazas will accept RFID payment. RFID support will also include the LPT2 highway along the East Coast. This is not an April Fool’s joke.

PLUS first implemented Touch ‘n GO RFID (TNG RFID) payments at 10 open system toll plazas operated by the company, on 1 January.

An open toll plaza is where you pay a fixed fee immediately at the entry of the tolled highway, while at a closed toll you “tap in” then pay the amount at the exit. The fee you pay depends on the set rate/distance between toll plazas.

PLUS believes that introducing RFID payments will smoothen highway travel and reduce congestion at toll plazas. This is also in line with the Government’s vision of Multi-Lane Free Flow system. There will be a total of 173 RFID lanes allocated at 83 toll plazas on PLUS highways. This includes 131 dedicated RFID lanes.

For your info, TNG RFID payment is also accepted at Lebuhraya Pantai Timur Fasa 1 (LPT1) operated by ANIH Berhad.

Touch ‘n Go card and SmarTAG are still accepted as modes of payment.

For RFID, specifically TNG RFID, toll payments will be deducted from your Touch ‘n Go eWallet. Reloads can be done via credit or debit card as well as online banking. Touch ‘n Go eWallet also supports auto reload for added convenience.

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CIMB Group and PLUS are also working on an open payment facility that will facilitate multiple cashless payment options for RFID.

For those who haven’t, you can install the RFID sticker/tag at RFID Fitment Centres provided by Touch ‘n Go. PLUS said that it will open 17 RFID Fitment Centres at selected rest stops along the North-South Expressway and LPT2 highway on 13 March.

RFID Fitment Centres

Klang Valley/Central Region

  • Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge Restaurant (Both bounds)
  • Seremban RSA (Both bounds)
  • Ulu Bernam RSA (Southbound)
  • Tapah RSA (Both bounds)
  • Gopeng RTC at Simpang Pulai Layby

Southern Region

  • Ayer Keroh Overhead Bridge Restaurant (Both bounds)  

Northern Region

  • Gunung Semanggol RSA (Northbound)
  • Gunun RSA (Both bounds)

East Coast

  • Temerloh RSA (Both bounds) (LPT1)
  • Gambang RSA (Both bounds) (LPT1)

The fitment centres are open from 10AM to 6PM from Friday to Sunday. Specifically for Sungai Buloh and Seremban RSA centres, they’re open from Monday to Sunday.

For the full list of fitment centres, refer to this link.

The TNG RFID tag costs MYR35 each. You’re covered by a one-time free replacement tag in case of theft or damage.

Source: PLUS



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