Penjana: MYR50 free e-wallet credit comes with a catch (actually two)

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ePenjana, an initiative introduced by the government as part of its short-term Penjana Economic Recovery Plan, aims to boost consumer spending and spur the adoption of digital payments. Eligible Malaysians will receive MYR50 worth of e-wallet credit as well as an additional MYR50 worth of discounts and cashback. Unlike e-Tunai Rakyat by the previous administration though, this comes with a caveat.

Senior minister Ismail Sabri announced today, to enjoy the free MYR50 e-wallet credit, Malaysians are required to download the MySejahtera app. He said that the move is to encourage more Malaysians to download and use the contact tracing app amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The app enables QR-code contact tracing at business premises. People will not need to write their contact details manually.

ePanjana is estimated to benefit 15 million Malaysians at a cost of MYR750 million. Malaysians aged 18 and above and earning less than MYR100,000 annually will be eligible for the incentive. The programme will run from July until September 2020.

Strangely, this MYR50 e-wallet credit can only be used for offline or physical purchases. This is puzzling, considering the aim for the programme is to encourage a contact-free payment experience. Previously with e-Tunai Rakyat, the distributed free credit could be use for purchases both online and offline, with the only restrictions being peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer and the withdrawal of funds.

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No further details regarding the programme has been announced to date. Will it involve the three leading e-wallet platforms—Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Grab, and Boost, once again? How else could the monies be distributed?

Regardless, it’s still “free money” to be claimed. So, download MySejahtera then, shall we?

The app is available on the Google Play StoreApple AppStore and Huawei AppGallery.

Source: Bernama TV

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