[Review] Nokia Lumia 720 – Part 1: Design and Build, Key Features, Camera

The Nokia Lumia 720 review

While ideally we would want the best flagship device that money can buy, sometimes reality can hit us all hard on the head, when our pockets refuse to cooperate, that is. The flagship Nokia Lumia 920 had a cult-like following when it debuted, featuring top-of-the-line specs – fast dual-core processor, NFC, wireless charging, amazing PureView camera and packing Windows Phone 8. With the rich features also came along a high price tag and most of all, unloved ‘heft’. The new Lumia 720 though, aims to change all that. In fact, it’s very much an improved Lumia 920 in many ways. Here’s Part 1 of our review of this mid-range Lumia device.

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Intel Presents Prizes to PC Refresh ‘Generation Today’ Campaign Winners


Sameer S. Tupaki, Marketing Manager of Intel Malaysia (far right) with winners of the Intel PC Refresh “Generation Today” Campaign contest.

Back in May this year, Intel Malaysia kicked off a PC Refresh campaign called ‘Generation Today’, encouraging Malaysian consumers to upgrade their ageing PCs to the latest offerings powered by Intel. As part of the campaign, Intel, together with its PC maker partners ran a series of roadshows across 14 cities across the country.

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