Over one million MaxisONE customers get 5x more data overnight

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As promised, Maxis has automatically and permanently upgraded data quotas of over one million of its customers overnight, at no extra charge. As leaked yesterday, MaxisONE customers receive data boosts of up to 20GB. SurfMore 50 and MaxisONE Business customers enjoy data upgrades as well.

In summary, here are the new data quotas for MaxisONE customers:

  • MaxisONE 98: 5GB data
  • MaxisONE 128: 10GB data
  • MaxisONE 158: 15GB data
  • MaxisONE 188: 20GB data

That’s not all though. MaxisONE Share now gets 5GB along with unlimited calls and SMS.

“This is the largest auto-upgrade we’ve ever done at Mais and the largest ever in Malaysia. We are permanently upgrading for free all our MaxisONE Plan customers, in which we are proud to have passed one million this week,” said Morten Lundal, Maxis CEO.

Data pool, cool

With the uprated plans, Maxis also introduced what it calls Data Pool, a never-before-done option where data quotas based on one principal line can be ‘pooled and shared.’ For instance, if you have have a MaxisONE 188 plan with 20GB and two MaxisONE Share lines, you’ll have a data pool of 30GB.

MaxisONE Share costs MYR48/month.

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What’s really cool is that you can bring this Data Pool with you when you roam overseas as part of the MaxisONE World. Never be caught without data when you travel. This is currently available in selected countries in Southeast Asia, and will be expanded to other countries in the near future.

For countries not covered, you can still enjoy unlimited roaming for MYR38/month.

Additionally, Maxis is throwing in 5GB of extra data for video streaming. This is automatic and permanent, and can be used to stream video content on iflix, Viu, Eros Now and Hopster. This differs from the previous post about it being valid for just the first four months.

Also, if you need more data for streaming, you can buy a 5GB data pack at MYR5/day.

Maxis is the current nationwide leader in 4G in terms of population coverage with over 2.2 million people enjoying its 4G network, which translates to 74% of the population.

The green telco knows its customers love data. Hence it continues build and expand its network, enhance customer service and introduce more value-added services.

More data, and more ways to use data

Let’s face it, we’re in a data-hungry world. We’re Instagram-ing, YouTube-ing, iflix-ing, watching 360 videos, you name it. More data is great, because it means we can do more.

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In fact, Malaysian mobile users love and use data more than most countries. In the past year, Maxis users have used 54% more data across 2.5x more 4G devices, and on average use 3GB of data per user. Maxis serves up to 14.5 million GBs of data every single month. To put it into perspective, that’s 200+ years of HD TV streaming.

But I believe, it’s not just about data. It’s also about quality data. It’s pointless if I have 20GB of data but my telco has a crap network.

As a consumer, it wouldn’t be wrong to think that Maxis’ recent moves have been reactive to the demands of consumers. Having said that, I think it has also thrown in some great extras like additional data for video-streaming, and the awesome Data Pool concept.

For more info on MaxisONE plans, visit www.maxis.com.my

I’d love to know what you think. Leave your comments below. 🙂

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