Nokia Pokes Fun at Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom Ad

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Opportunistic marketing at its best.

Here’s a little bit of clever marketing. Perhaps ‘guerilla’ is a better word. In the UK, a cleverly positioned mobile billboard truck by Nokia pokes some of fun at a Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom billboard. The Samsung ad reads, “Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom, the only smartphone with 10X optical zoom.”

The Finnish mobile maker had other ideas. Nokia parked a mobile billboard right at the corner of the Samsung billboard, parading an ad for the Nokia Lumia 1020, its latest flagship with a whopping 41MP PureView camera.

Combined, the two ads read, “Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom, the only smartphone with 10X optical zoom, still, it didn’t see this coming… The Nokia Lumia 1020: exceptional zoom without the exceptional bulk.”


Source: UKMobileReview  via

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