Netflix’s new Top 10 list feature tells you what’s popular


What are you watching? What should I watch next? Two extremely common questions we ask our friends and family. Well, whatever tickles your fancy, whatever your indulgence, Netflix has rolled out a new feature to hopefully answer those questions: Top 10 List. Is it weird that I immediately think of David Letterman?

Never mind. Back to Netflix’s spanking new feature. Right, here’s the thing. There’s an exhaustive amount of content on everyone’s favourite streaming platform. And while Netflix continues to plough resources to build and improve its recommendation engine (which is fantastic, by the way), some people still can’t find things to watch. No kidding.

Perhaps a peer-to-peer recommendation is best. You know, word-of-mouth, a recommendation from someone else. It does make sense. It’s the same way we rave about a restaurant we’ve just been to or a holiday destination, to friend or family.

So, now Netflix has baked a new row of content on your feed, featuring a new special design. You’ll be able to see what’s most popular in your country. It’s also dynamic—the position of the row varies depending on how relevant shows and films are to you, updated every day.

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Aside from the overall top 10 list, you’ll also be fed with the top 10 most popular series and top 10 films when you click on the movies and TV shows tabs.

Top make popular movies and TV shows that make the top 10 lists easy to identify, they’re marked with a special “Top 10 badge” wherever they appear on Netflix. This way, you can always see what’s popular regardless if you’re browsing a particular genre or going through your personal list, or searching for specific shows or films.

Netflix has been experimenting with top 10 lists in Mexico and the UK for the past six plus months. Response to the new feature has been positive and thus the company is rolling it out to more markets.

The feature is available in Malaysia now.

So, what are you watching next?


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