Netflix’s Easter egg is the perfect tribute to Stan Lee

Netflix Stan Lee
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Last week, the world lost legendary comic writer and Marvel icon Stan Lee. He was 95. His legacy will continue to live on in comics, TV series and movies thanks to the iconic comic characters he co-created and the extensive Marvel Cinematic Universe we so love.

Tributes to Lee poured in from far and wide when he passed – from the stars who brought the Avengers characters to life, to fans across the globe.

Leading video streaming service Netflix had a more unusual tribute, a warm fuzzy one nonetheless. They’ve planted an Easter egg within the app.

In the Netflix search bar, if you type in “Excelsior,” Stan Lee’s signature sign-off which is also the motto of the state of New York, the app will display all Marvel-related content in the results.

And the end of the result list, there’s also two options for you to choose from, to refine your search further: “Manzotti: Excelsior” and “Stan Lee’s Universe.”

Selecting “Stan Lee’s Universe” will display only Marvel content including familiar titles such as the Daredevil series, Doctor Strange, Iron Man trilogy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Avengers, and more.

It’s unclear how long the Easter egg will remain active.

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As you may know, in 2019, all Marvel Studios movies on Netflix will move over to Disney’s own streaming service Disney Plus. That said, other Marvel-themed content like Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man 3 as well as Netflix Originals such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones will still be within the Netflix catalogue.

[UPDATED] Also, Avengers: Infinity War movie is headed to Netflix on 25 December 2018. Netflix has responded and informed that this title will not be available in Asia.

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