MoBeeGo gives your smartphone a life-saving one-time charge


Do you remember the last time your smartphone was on the brink of lifelessness and you were caught without a powerbank? Not uncommon, I can tell you that, from experience. Well, a cute-looking product called MoBeeGo—a one-time charger may just be the thing you need.

Think of MoBeeGo like an AA-battery that you can plug in to your smartphone, give it juice then to be disposed of once its charge is depleted. That’s exactly what MoBeeGo was designed for—as an ‘energy drink’ for your mobile phone.

MoBeeGo consists of two elements. First the re-usable ultra-compact adapter that comes in two variants—one for Android devices, and the other for iOS devices (. The second element is adorably-shaped like an energy drink can, decorated with bee-like colours and design. This can or charging unit is mounted to the adapter, and is the secret sauce to breathing life to your dying smartphone.


The adapter is cordless, you only need to plug it to your Android or iOS device via micro-USB or Lightning Port respectively.

One can of MoBeeGo juice can power a smartphone for up to four hours, depending on type of phone as well as usage. The battery itself has a 10-year shelf life, so it’s safe to keep them over prolonged periods.

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Each can weighs just 30g, and holds a charge capacity of 1,700mAh. Output is at 5V 600mA. It is recyclable and the great thing is that no pre-charging is required.


One of the key highlights of MoBeeGo is also its accessibility. For starters, MoBeeGo will be available at 200 convenience stores across Malaysia. It plans to expand its distribution channels to check-out counters in pharmacies, grocery stores, cafes, magazine kiosk, shopping malls, airports and other places in the future.

The handy one-time charger is an invention of NASDAQ-listed Life Clips, Inc., and is distributed in Malaysia by gadget start-up Veloster Technology. The product is currently sold in 14 countries including Canada, the UK, Malaysia, France and Russia. It recently received an Honourable Mention for the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design.


Pricing and availability

MoBeeGo will be sold at all outlets throughout Malaysia, starting next week. The MoBeeGo Single Shot consists of a reusable adapter and one battery can, priced at MYR29 each. The MoBeeGo Refill is priced at MYR10 each. You can also opt for the six-pack MoBeeGo Pack, which retails at MYR55 per pack. Prices are inclusive of GST.

For more information, visit or visit the official FB page at

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Initial impressions

I have to admit, I find MoBeeGo an interesting concept…with a caveat. It needs to be as accessible as a bottle of mineral water, and there must be a proper place to dispose of used batteries. The promise that you have instant juice when you need it, without carrying a powerbank is rather compelling.

Admittedly, in the long run, a powerbank would be more economical and more environmentally-friendly since it can be recharged and re-used.

However, when in times of desperate need, it certainly gives you some peace-of-mind to know that a life-saving charge is just a newsstand away.

What really needs to be in place is a used battery collection facility at all outlets so that used batteries don’t end up in landfills (there’s enough of our consumer junk there already). It’s already tough enough to find a proper used battery disposal facility in Malaysia right now, an issue that needs to be addressed. Let’s not make Mother Nature pay the price for our convenience.

Let’s hope MoBeeGo heeds this call and perhaps even offer incentives to encourage people to recycle batteries e.g. MYR1 rebate redeemable for every purchase of a MoBeeGo Refill.

So, what do you think of MoBeeGo? Leave your comments below.



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