Hot Wheels 1980s

Mattel reissues iconic 1980s Hot Wheels cars and sets

If you’re already reading this paragraph, then chances are you’re a Hot Wheels fan, petrol-head, Gen-X-er, or a combination of all three. Regardless, Mattel has gone and done the awesome. It has re-released some of its best die cast beauties from the 1980s (cue: ‘Let’s Dance’ David Bowie). Yes, and get that credit card out.

Your kids will likely go, what? No internet connectivity? No app? But hey, this isn’t about them.

So, the re-issued cars include individual die-cast and four sets including the Retro Hauler, the Dash & Crash track set, 4-lane Elimination race track set, and Sto & Go playset.

Hot Wheels 1980s

The cool thing about these re-issued items is that they come complete with their original retro packaging – yes, and the old-school red and white Hot Wheels logo included.

Hot Wheels 1980s

There’s also a Hot Wheels Retro Hauler, though not the classic version, that’s priced at US$15.

The cars retail at US$2.19 each, while the sets are all under US$30. Surprised? Nice of Mattel to not put a premium price on these re-issues.

I know some of you out there just dying to get your hands on these 1:64-scale re-releases. I know I am!

Source: Road & Track, Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels 1980s




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