This is the Xiaomi ‘Transformers Special Edition’ Mi Pad 2 and it’s awesome

Mi Pad Transformer

Mi Pad… transform and roll out! Xiaomi has collaborated with top toymaker Hasbro to release a special ‘Transformers Special Edition’ Mi Pad to celebrate its sixth anniversary on 6 April.

The toy is currently in crowdfunding stage and is looking to hit its goal of 1,000 backers. Once it meets its backing goal, the toy will start shipping to backers from 13 May.

Mi Pad Transformer

The transformed Mi Pad 2 of course, won’t be a working tablet, but still likely be a hit for Mi fans and collectors alike. The toy is based on the character ‘Soundwave,’ which is based on a cassette recorder design, originally from Transformers Generation 1 story.

The robot details are applied on the back of the Mi Pad 2.

The toy costs RMB169 (MYR102) and looks pretty darn cool. Even if you don’t back the full amount, you can send your support of RMB1. Every 200th lucky supporter will win a Transformers Special Edition toy.

I’d personally love to get my hands on one, don’t you?

Hit this link to back the project!

Source: Gizmochina, Xiaomi


Mi Pad Transformer Mi Pad Transformer Mi Pad Transformer Mi Pad Transformer Mi Pad Transformer

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