I Love Samsung Galaxy S II: Get The Talents to Act Your Words on Video!

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Remember the viral campaign called ‘The Subservient Chicken’ some many moons ago? A man in a chicken costume performs a wide range of actions based on a user’s input, showing pre-recorded footage and appearing like an interactive webcam. It was addictive, mind-boggling and funny! Now, Samsung brings similar exciting interactivity in their brand new minisite for Galaxy S II users as part of the ‘I Love Samsung Galaxy S II’ campaign.

Talents, including awesome magician/mentalist Zlwin Chew act words that you type in an input box on the minisite. Read on for more.

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This is the interface that welcomes users when they click on ‘PLAY NOW’ on the homepage. Notice the input box on the bottom left? That’s where you type in action words you want the talents to act out.

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I was a little cheeky and entered “Kiss”. LOL.

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And guess what? A video instantly played with the talents acting out a kissing scene (18SX!) Awesome!

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Of course, not everything is covered (WTF, no ‘air guitar’??). So if you come to a screen with this dude scratching his head in helplessness, fret not.

Users can post an action request, by clicking on the icon on the bottom right of the page. Fill in your details and submit your request to the site.

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You request will appear on the Action Request Board, as you can see above. I’ve submitted a few and will continue to submit, just for kicks!

So go try it out. It’s addictive fun!

So hop over and play on the minisite by clicking here. BTW, LIKE Samsung Univez on Facebook too!

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  • Donovancst

    KISS eh… you sure that’s the only 4-letter word you thought off to key in? ;P

    • Vernon Chan

      LOL. I shall not comment!

  • Rebecca

    Trust u to request for something 18X 😛

    • Vernon Chan

      LOL, er, kissing is 18SX meh?

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