Can’t Recognise Your Friends? Carrefour’s #WHOlah iOS Game Can Help You.


How well do you know your Facebook friends?

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Have you ever bumped into someone and in that moment, wished you weren’t there because you just couldn’t remember their name? Pretty embarrassing. But of course, human instincts would kick into self-preservation mode, and you end up greeting them with a “Yo bro, how are you man?” or “Hey babe, long time no see, how you been?” And just as you’re saying your goodbyes, you exchange numbers. Now what? What do you key in at the ‘name’ slot? The ultimate escapism would be to pass that person your phone to get them to key in their details. Smart, so smart.

Well, there is hope yet.

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There’s a way to train your brain matter and save you those embarrassing, blank moments. This is in a form of a game, and an addictive one at that called WHOlah. Developed by the brilliant duo at Apptivity Lab in collaboration with the lucid minds at Tandemic for Carrefour Malaysia, WHOlah plugs into your Facebook account in which your friends’ profile pictures are streamed into the game. The objective of the game is to recognise correctly as many friend profiles as you can in 60 seconds. Points are scored, including a special points multiplier, depending on how many friends you get correct in succession.

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To be honest, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Check your Facebook friends profiles. You’ll see cartoon characters, pictures of food, obnoxious imagery, scenery, blobs of colour. How would one recognise everyone? You practise, practise, practise. Good luck to those who have 2,000 friends (like me, gulp). Since the launch of the app, I have been playing, trying (hard), skipped meals, deprived myself of sleep to score better, higher. My best to date? 70,000.


Oh, did I tell you? With each level of points, starting from 20,000 pts, you win items, FREE, redeemable from Carrefour outlets. From Pringles to Ferrero Roche chocolates, there’s no limit on what you can win as long as you can make the points! You also earn Badges ala Foursquare. Sweet.

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Initially planned in conjunction with Hari Raya & Merdeka celebrations (there are badges for that too!), WHOlah has been extended till October 3, 2011 due to popular demand. So download the app now for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, fire it up, play and win!

Psst, the winner of the WHOlah challenge during the first ever WHOlah twtup was 600,000. Beat that. Good luck!


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