20 things you should know about booking your first GrabBike ride

On-demand bike-hailing has officially landed in Malaysia, at least in the pilot testing phase. For the brave early adopters, here’s your chance to embrace a new way of ride-hailing. At the moment, there are two players running services in the Klang Valley—GrabBike and Dego Ride. To answer all the questions you were dying to ask about GrabBike, here are things you need to know before you book your first bike ride.

What is bike-hailing? Bike-hailing is an on-demand motorcycle taxi service where you can book rides from respective mobile apps. In the case of GrabBike, you can book a ride via the familiar Grab mobile app.

Why bike-hailing? Bike-hailing services are designed to solve first and last mile disconnect for commuters and reduce traffic congestion. It’s also an affordable and convenient mode of transport to complement the public transportation system.

Aren’t motorcycles dangerous? According to road statistics, yes. That said, service providers like Grab are making safety paramount, and have taken steps to ensure driver-partners and passengers are always safe and protected.

All driver-partners are licensed and properly trained, backed by Grab’s tech-driven safety features it has developed over the years with Grab rides. Rider-partners and passengers are also covered by personal accident insurance.

Where can I book a GrabBike? At the moment, GrabBike is available in selected areas in the Klang Valley including KL City Centre (KLCC, Bukit Bintang, Pudu and Chow Kit) and Wangsa Maju (including Gombak and Danau Kota). You can travel within a 10km radius from your current location. The service coverage excludes routes through major highways to safeguard safety.

What are availability times of GrabBike? GrabBike operates from 6AM to 2AM daily.

Why isn’t the GrabBike option showing in the Grab app? The availability of the GrabBike service depends on where you’re located. If you’re within the service coverage area, the option will be listed.

Do I need to bring my own helmet? A helmet is provided by the GrabBike driver-partner and you must wear it during your ride. For hygiene concerns, you can request for a hair cap.

Can I bring a child along with me? For safety reasons, only one passenger is allowed on the ride. If you plan to bring a child, it’s best to book a GrabCar instead.

Is there a minimum age requirement to use GrabBike? Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to use GrabBike; it’s a requirement outlined by the Ministry of Transport.

How much does a ride cost? The base fare costs MYR3.70 (excluding the MYR0.30 service fee). Additional MYR0.55 for each km between 3km to 5.5km; additional MYR1 for each km above 5.5km. A fee of MYR2 will be charged for cancellations after five minutes (or if your driver has waited for more than two minutes at your pick-up point.

Why is there a service fee charged on each trip? The MYR0.30 service fee covers personal insurance coverage (for driver-partners and passengers), safety equipment, and training costs for driver-partners.

Can I pay with cash? Yes, but for safety reasons cash is disallowed between 9PM to 2AM.

Can I bring luggage? You’re only allowed one bag which you can carry on your back or on your shoulder.

What’s the best position to ride on the bike? You should always mount the bike from the left side to avoid hitting the hot muffler or exhaust pipe on the right side. Sit comfortably facing the driver. Do not sit sideways as this compromises your and your driver’s safety. To keep stable, you can hold onto the driver or the rear seat handle. Ensure your feet at placed on the seat rails.

Can I use my mobile phone when I’m riding? No. Using your mobile phone or even taking selfies and photos while riding is strictly prohibited.

Is there a dress code for riding? Long dresses, bell bottom pants and loose clothing are not allowed on the GrabBike as such clothing may get entangled on the chain or other moving parts of the bike. Slippers are also prohibited.

I’m a female, can I book a female driver? Yes, you can book a female driver but only if you’re a female passenger. You may also request for non-female GrabBike drivers at your discretion.

What if my driver rides too fast or squeezes in between cars in traffic? Grab says you should always communicate with your driver. If you want him to go slower or if you prefer him not to weave through traffic, you can let him know.

Can I still use GrabBike if it rains? Due to safety concerns when it pours, Grab recommends you book a GrabCar instead.

Why isn’t my GrabBike driver in Grab uniform and why is the number plate different? If your GrabBike driver isn’t wearing a proper uniform or if the bike’s number plate doesn’t match the one in your Grab app, cancel the booking and report it immediately to Grab via call or Grab’s in-app Help Centre.

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