Garmin vivomove 3 hybrid smartwatch series is all about style

Now available in Malaysia
Garmin vivomove 3/3S
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Garmin is on a roll. Hot on the heels of the Fenix 6 series is the next generation vivomove series—its portfolio of hybrid smartwatches. Consisting of the vivomove 3/3S and vivomove Style, the new series fuses the look of a traditional timepiece with the features of a modern smartwatch.

Garmin devised a clever way to integrate smartwatch features into its new hybrid watch series. Underneath the analogue watch face is a hidden touchscreen display (vivomove 3) or dual AMOLED display (vivomove Style).

Garmin vivomove 3
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Garmin vivomove 3 vs Fenix 6X Sapphire

When activated by touch or swipe, the watch hands dynamically move out of the way to reveal health and fitness tracking data, smart notifications for text, social media updates, calendar reminders, and more. It’s quite ingenious.

Being a Garmin watch, it also integrates advanced 24/7 health monitoring features including advanced sleep with Pulse Ox, Body Battery energy monitoring, abnormal heart rate alerts, menstrual cycle tracking, stress tracking with relax reminders, new hydration tracking, and more.

Garmin vivomove Style
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Vivomove Style

It also has fitness features that track your steps, floors climbed, workout intensity, and includes built-in activity trackers like walking, running, cardio, and more.

While it lacks a built-in GPS, the vivomove series sports connected GPS—which uses your smartphone for greater accuracy outdoors.

Garmin vivomove Style
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In terms of design, the vivomove Style rocks a 42mm aluminium bezel and aluminium casing, and is available in a variety of metal finishes. It boasts a domed Corning Gorilla glass lens and the same interactive dual AMOLED display as the vivomove Luxe.

Garmin vivomove 3/3S
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Meanwhile, the vivomove 3/3S is available in two case sizes: 44mm and 39mm, and features a stainless steel bezel an a hidden touchscreen display. Pair the case with a selection of colourful silicone bands.

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The new vivomove series hybrid smartwatches are compatible with Android and Apple devices.

Pricing and availability

The vivomove series start from MYR1,250 and is available now from authorised Garmin retailers.

Pricing as follows:

  • Vivomove 3S – Navy with Rose Gold Hardware – MYR1,250.00
  • Vivomove 3 – Black with Slate Hardware – MYR1,250.00
  • Vivomove Style – White with Rose Gold Hardware – MYR1,499.00
  • Vivomove Style – Moss Green with Silver Hardware – MYR1,499.00
  • Vivomove Style – Blush Pink Nylon with Light Gold Hardware – MYR1,750.00
  • Vivomove Style – Black Pepper Nylon with Slate Hardware – MYR1,750.00


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