Own the Galaxy Note8 from as low as MYR102/month with Maxis Zerolution

Maxis Galaxy Note8 pre-order
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Maxis has just released plan details for the Samsung Galaxy Note8. You can own Samsung’s latest flagship phablet from as low as MYR102 per month with Zerolution, or as low as MYR2,199 with a normal MaxisONE plan. Pre-orders start today.

In line with what’s being offered by Samsung Malaysia, Maxis is offering an exclusive pre-order bundle worth MYR888. This exclusive bundle includes a cash rebate of MYR321, free Samsung Protection Plus (one-year extended warranty + one-year accidental screen crack protection), free 5,100mAh Battery Pack and free Galaxy Note8 Clear Cover.

There are two types of Maxis plans to consider with the Galaxy Note8, all based on a 24-month contract duration.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Maxis Zerolution

  • MaxisONE Plan 128 – MYR132/month
  • MaxisONE Plan 158 – MYR117/month
  • MaxisONE 188 – MYR102/month

Standard Contract

  • MaxisONE Plan 128 – MYR2,799
  • MaxisONE Plan 158 – MYR2,499
  • MaxisONE Plan 188 – MYR2,199

Maxis Zerolution is the affordable way to own the latest and greatest from Samsung. It’s a popular device ownership plan that lets you own a device for a low monthly fee.

The cool thing is, you may be someone who likes to upgrade your device often. Zerolution gives you that option, once a year, for a small MYR44/month upgrade fee. There’s even Zerolution SafeDevice, a device protection program to ensure your Note8 is protected, available as a MYR23/month add-on.

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The other cool thing is, there’s no upfront payment for Zerolution. Place your order the Maxis Online Store, pay nothing at checkout.

For a standard contract, you can pick up a Note8 from as low as MYR2,199 (device price). Do note (pun intended) that there’s an upfront payment of MYR512 (MOP 128), MYR632 (MOP 158) and MYR752 (MOP 188) based on different plan options. This amount will be rebated to your account on a monthly basis.

If you’re a long time Maxis customer with a good standing, the upfront payment can be waived.

The collection period for pre-ordered Galaxy Note8 is from 18 September (10:00:00) to 24 September 2017 (22:00:00) during operation hours of the selected outlet.

Ready to pre-order? Hit this link.

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  • Mohd Razizi

    These plans is not bad ya. Unlimited call to all network and huge quota of internet.
    HOWEVER !If you not utilized all of them then it wont be worthy. What you guys think ?

  • Kristine Yong Yi

    This plan is quite not bad actually… Anyone interested with this maxis plan?
    Yet there’s a lot of difference between telco companies. Perhaps you guys can check online b4 sign ya!

  • Navy

    Before reading the comment I was never heard abt the easyphone, I’ am so curious abt why so many ppl mentioned it. After I go and check, I saw that it is a very worth installment plan, luckily I didn’t made any decision yet muahahaha I think I am going to choose celcom’s plan.

    • minidope

      AGREE! I’am celcom user since 8 yrs ago,this telco never disappoint me and now I buy oppo a38 with only RM40(with device protection) per month for my mother. She is so glad because can get a smatphone with such a low price!

  • Kristine Yong Yi

    I dont think that all the plans are worth.
    Why not u juz purchasing a new phone and buy another internet plan with?
    This kind of plan must have contract with it,

  • Mohd Razizi

    Did you guys think that this plan is the most valuable?
    Another telco do also provided same plan detail but in cheaper price….
    Think twice before sign up to any plans guys.. Another agree with me ?

    • Kristine Yong Yi

      But i dont think the price gap is difference. Telco company also wan to earn money, thats why they offering such plans. Better purchase a phone in store and no more others extra payment besides the phone.

  • Kenni

    I can get more than 30gb in celocm plan, same price, RM128 per month.

    • tiety5678

      Really? celcom plan? do you mean the easyphone? my friend is using this plan,she said this plan is value for money

  • solihuddin saidin

    can i in trade in my samsung s8 plus…this phone it also a zelolution package from maxis..please responce…thanks

    • ZzACK

      How long you used? why you don’t straight away go their center ask?
      For me I don’t like their plan since it is quite expensive, if for those business man ok la

    • Daniel r

      still have other telco right..y not compared with others first
      better direct purchase much more easy, every month only pay for the internet fee

    • Dvin

      Zerolution still can accept la, it is installment plan right?
      yes their data plan is expensive but their coverage also better than others, that is you get wat you pay for

    • Elvis Lee

      but then I heard that this few week their line also quite slow

    • Twinkle Bell

      Did u know that celcom easyphone plan? Sometimes use mobile data is tooooo little. I’m just see a few of video, data finish. I will consider that cause it got huge data!

    • iIiza Fong

      How huge is it?and how is the fees? I’m searching for a data plan which is more worth.

    • mas meriyah

      easyphone is easier to choose as many plan offers.u can choose based on ur budget .of coz more data u need to pay pay more,but trust me it still worth it to pay easyphone.

    • killcell

      Easyphone sure you can’t finish the data hahaha
      You can stream video anytime you like, how to finish 100gb haven’t included normal internet data

    • Twinkle Bell

      It’s conclude 40gb data+100gb for video, for me, i think it’s worth.

    • mas meriyah

      i think like that also..their plan quite expensive than easyphone..data offered also not too much like other telco.for me i rather pay for something that will give more benefit

    • May Lee

      Yes! easyphone with huge quota and pay the same price

    • iIiza Fong

      Is it 188 is only 50gb and pay 2k for device?? it’s a bit expensive…

    • Elvis Lee

      device price not sure la, but they currently like offer 10gb extra..but also not much only

    • May Lee

      Also useless la,10gb only
      celcom 100gb for video

    • killcell

      All first plan also can get it for free but minimum need to sign up with first gold plus la
      By the way celcom easyphone can get the device price around hundred per month only

    • St

      Why dont you take easyphone instead of this plan? It’s is more worth than other telco…

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