Friends Day: Facebook introduces Friends Awards on its 14th birthday

Facebook Friends Day

Fourteen years ago, on 4 February, one awkward college kid founded Facebook in his dorm. The rest, as they say is history. The biggest social network in the world celebrates the anniversary by celebrating friendship with “Friends Day.”

Friends Day is a day to show gratitude to those who matter in your life. To celebrate, Facebook placed a message on top of News Feed to wish its users Happy Friends Day.

This is accompanied by a personalized Friends Awards video. It’s really pretty darn cool. You can either have it pre-made, or create your own using a template. I thought my pre-made one was cool.

Facebook Friends Day

There’s a variety of superlatives you can adorn your friends with including “Bestie,” “Always Has My Back,” “Big-Hearted,” and more.

At last count, friends have shared over 38 million awards with each other since Friends Day.

Facebook Friends Day

Facebook also offers three unique Camera filters to customise your selfies and wefies.

The final result is an animated image that you can share on your Wall. In addition to that, Facebook also releases a series of short videos that highlight five remarkable friendships from around the world.

It’s awe-inspiring to note that 750 million new friendships are formed on Facebook every single day. Also, compared to 2016, there were 2x as many posts about friendship in 2017. Not forgetting over 600 million Friendversary videos were shared last year.

Check out Facebook Friends Day here.

Facebook Friends Day

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