Flexiroam X

Flexiroam X will change the way you roam forever

When Flexiroam made its debut in 2011, it revolutionized the way we roamed overseas. For a low MYR10 fee, it enabled you to receive and make unlimited number of calls back home, while keeping your mobile number. Well that’s all good, but times have changed. Consumers now want data, and they want access to data when they’re travelling overseas. Here’s the perfect solution – Flexiroam X – Flexiroam’s latest smartphone solution that delivers you more data for roaming, for less dollars. The service has just been introduced in Australia, where it hopes to win the hearts of 9 million Australians who travel overseas each year.

UPDATE: Use my promo code VERNEFLEX to unlock free data!

Introducing the X Microchip

Flexiroam X is quite extraordinary to say the least. The basis of how it works lies in a revolutionary 0.08mm thin microchip that you attach to your existing SIM card. Flexiroam calls this the X Microchip. You’ll only need to do this once, and you can essentially use this forever, until you need to change your SIM that is, for whatever reason.

Once this is installed, you can easily switch between your SIM network, or the Flexiroam X network.

Flexiroam X

Flexiroam X is unique. Just sign up for free and download the Flexiroam X app on Google Play or Apple App Store. Subscribe to the yearly membership for just US$9.99/MYR42, and get the Starter Pack for free. The Starter Pack includes the special X Microchip. Flexiroam will deliver the pack to you for US$5 within 3-5 working days. Countries covered include Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.

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Now that you’ve got all those basics settled, you’re all set to unlock 100GB of free data for your roaming needs.

Flexiroam X

Just so you know, Flexiroam X is available in 100 countries globally, with network partners in Australia that include Vodafone, Optus, EE, Telefonica, AT&T, Indosat, and T-Mobile.

Watch how Flexiroam X works here:


What do you mean I can unlock data?

Flexiroam X has a unique method of letting you earn free data by sharing the service with others. Much like how a referral code with services like Airbnb or Uber works. You refer a friend and they sign up using your code, you get 100MB of data.

Note that this unlocked data can be used for every trip you go to overseas. With the yearly subscription, you can unlock up to 100GB of data.

Keep an eye on Flexiroam X’s website, Facebook page, Twitter and partner pages for free codes and more free unlocked data in the future.

Flexiroam X

The great thing about Flexiroam X is that you get uncapped 4G speed (network dependent), and because it’s a cellular service, you don’t have to scramble in search of free Wi-Fi.

Also, you needn’t need to buy a new prepaid SIM and buy reloads every time you travel.

Need more data instantly? Get Xtra Data Pack

If you need data instantly, you can also opt to buy the Xtra Data Pack for US$29.99/MYR123.33. It is valid for 12 months, and can be used in all the countries covered by Flexiroam X. This can be purchased via the Flexiroam X app.

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Flexiroam X

Unlock 500MB free data for early birds

Flexiroam X is running an exclusive launch promotion for early adopters, who stand to receive 500MB of free data upon downloading the app. Use promo code XLAUNCH. This promo code is valid till 7 June only.

Get free 300MB of roaming data now!

Wait, there’s more! Use my special promo code: VCFREEDATA to instantly unlock an additional 300MB of data now. It is activated immediately, and can be used for 12 months.

Remember to share your referral code to unlock up to 100GB of data with Flexiroam X. Each share that leads to a subscription, you’ll get an additional 100MB of data to your account.

UPDATE: Use my promo code VERNEFLEX to unlock free data!

Flexiroam X Launch Packages

12-month Flexiroam Subscription

  • 12-month Flexiroam X subscription – US$9.99/MYR42
  • Flexiroam X Starter Pack – FREE
  • Shipping – US$5.00/MYR21
  • Total – US$14.99/MYR61.65

Introductory 1GB Data Roaming Bundle

  • 12-month Flexiroam X subscription – US$9.99/MYR42
  • Flexiroam X Starter Pack – FREE
  • 1GB data – US$20.00/MYR82.25
  • Shipping – US$5.00/MYR21
  • Total – US$34.99/MYR144 (save US$10)

For more information on Flexiroam X, visit www.flexiroamx.com

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    Use referral code FLEXDATA to earn free data with this app.

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