Fitbit for Windows 10 app is here, coming to Windows 10 mobile and Xbox One later

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The leader in the connected health and fitness space – Fitbit, has released Fitbit for Windows 10 app. Now Windows 10 users can join the fitness fray together with iOS, Android and Mac users. Fitbit users can download the Windows 10 app from the Windows Store to their desktop and tablet. The Windows 10 mobile and Xbox One versions will come later this year.

The Fitbit for Windows 10 app allows you to access and log your personalised data in realtime. That means tracking your steps, activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.

Some key features of the new Fitbit for Windows 10 app include:

  • Updated live tiles that show you more information and new notification types for quick access to your most critical data.
  • Quick actions to help you log your health and fitness activities i.e. food, water intake and exercise. You can also set alarms with a simple click of a button.
  • Cortana support – unique to the Windows platform, you can speak commands on your Windows 10 tablets, PCs and mobile phone. “Fitbit, I ate chicken for dinner,” or “Fitbit, I went for a 3km run,” – automatic and easier activity logging.
  • Notification centre now consolidate all your important notifications and messages in one convenient tab.
  • Enhanced syncing with Bluetooth on all Windows 10 devices.
  • Universal design and continuum support – you can customise and effortlessly view your most important data in real-time with an enhanced visual experience based on whatever Windows 10 device you’re using.

Fitbit products have a broad mobile compatibility with computers (Mac/PC) and more than 200 Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. There’s also integration with third-party apps for further reach.

The new Fitbit for Windows 10 app is compatible with Fitbit’s suite of products – Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip activity trackers, as well as the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

The Windows 10 app can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store.

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