Digi Prepaid now gives you 50% extra quota and unlimited off-peak internet

Digi Prepaid
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OK, that didn’t take long. As you know, Maxis unleashed its enhanced Hotlink FAST plan last week, followed by Celcom’s M4GIC SIM by Xpax yesterday. Now, Digi has responded with enhancements of its own. Its Digi Prepaid is getting a big data bump, up to 50% more in fact.

Weekly Mobile Internet packages start from MYR7 for 300MB with a maximum of MYR20 for 650MB. Meanwhile monthly plans kick-of from MYR30 for 2.25GB, all the way up to MYR48 for 4.5GB. This is a bump from between 50MB to 1.5GB extra from previously.

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Digi Prepaid

In addition to weekly and monthly packages, you’ll also get other goodies. Firstly, there’s unlimited off-peak usage (1AM-7AM) for MYR30 and MYR48 monthly packages. For weekly plans, you get between 300MB to 1GB of free data.

There’s more. For Facebook and YouTube, there’s additional data thrown in free too.


Digi Prepaid

Off-peak usage is subject to a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit of 35GB.

This limited time promo ends 31 May 2016.

The Digi Smart Prepaid starter pack costs MYR10 which includes MYR7 preloaded value and free basic internet and free social. On the other hand, the Digi Best Prepaid starter pack costs MYR8 and it comes with MYR5 preloaded value and free basic internet.

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For more information on, Digi Prepaid, visit Digi.

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  • ajs96

    wow the Digi Smart Prepaid starter pack costs MYR10 which includes MYR7 preloaded value and free basic internet and free social. On the other hand, the Digi Best Prepaid starter pack costs MYR8 and it comes with MYR5 preloaded value and free basic internet.. uhh nice !

    • Gook Suni

      Yeah, the Xpax Turbo is quite sucks and not really good at all compare to this. Celcom must develop better plan for this Xpax Turbo. Annoying.

    • Tahal khan

      why so say, i think you misunderstanding about the plan, all this is only about the starter plan…it still no include the internet plan. even the internet plan is worth to deal and its better other telco, provide more data with lower price

  • Arumugan A/L Rajesdran

    Xpax Turbo just sounded ‘wow’ in terms of the name i guess but the real thing is really suck
    that it’s provide just 333MB per day. So, how we are going to enjoy it when the end of the MB easily comes to the end when we just click a few websites.

    • Marvinkong

      not really. i think you don understand the plan .
      The Burung Hantu is 10 GB if will auto divide and become to 333MB perday from 1-7 AM (no carry forward)
      It only cost you RM10 for this XPAX burung hantu starter plan, try to think, where to get a starter plan that provide you monthly 10GB data and add on 500 MB basic internet (account must be active)
      Third, this is the main point, the internet plan, there’s total of five internet plans selection that come with free Facebook and YouTube, ranging from RM5 to RM80. The plans include the 3-day plan at RM5 (300MB), the weekly plan at RM10 (1.5GB), whilst the Monthly plans at RM30 (4GB), RM50 (9GB) and RM80 (15GB).
      if you know how to compare then you will know DG RM 30 internet plan just only can get 2.xx GB. and its starter plan did not provide anything also , just F&F for 3 number to unlimited talk time..What for ……

  • Tahal khan

    The hell this article…rather to choose the latest X pac Turbo also better. the burung hantu and free basic internet was nice.i was using DG for few year and now i switch it! too disappointed.

    • Ong Dave

      Why you will choose thelatest xpax turbo? do their signal better than this?
      i surprise xpax recently so cheap and famous in the market.

    • Sammy Izabella

      Yes, Xpax is cheap but they also removed many benefits…
      Cheap thg no good thg.

    • Adison

      Have you ever go do some research or compare it. i don think so the Xpax remove a lot benefit and it bring more benefits like burung hantu 10GB (333MB /perday) ,i don think other telco have such prepaid plan.

    • Sammy Izabella

      Digi don’t have free basic internet?

    • Tahal khan

      as i know, DG don have it. it only under the internet plan…but too big different if compare to Xpax , Both also RM 30 , Xpax is giving out 4 GB , DG only 2.25 GB.

  • Holista Yen

    How to get Raya benefit? Can i sign now and get same benefit as a new member?
    I’m using Digi but thinking to shift to other telco and try… never get any free deal from them…
    quite sad…

    • Hero Victory

      i think if just prepaid can consider bcause changing around isnt too difficult like postpaid. reload and use easier. think u can get XPAX M4gic Sim and anything cna check with xpax

    • Ong Dave

      now they do promo the xpax turbo also, its a new choice for you to choose in xpax, it come with different benefits, take a look before choose 😀

  • XiaoLoong Wong

    Since you are comparing the coverage why not think about Xpax, they serve better coverage so far. Go in jungle also got line… Previously their Raya give out quite a lot benefit like free Voice call to call and wish your friend and family during Raya period. I tried it really zero cost at all… just sharing la… Maybe need to wait another festive come only will such benefit? xD

    • Hero Victory

      wow! Thts realli goood news. Didn’t knw xpax algo gave such good deals before. Now got waze free, wonder what we can get next.. hmmm

    • Nana Narima

      im a postpaid Maxis user and i upgraded with their latest packages for 15 years and zero payment…so far for me Maxis services,coverage was okay for me and last month for raya promotions they gave me a J Series for their loyal customer…im really not understand why people always say bad things to Maxis…im sorry but i have to say that.. hurmm

  • gashafung

    i looking for the cheap cheap data with unlimited call. my sister suggest me to sign the package with Maxis. i am waiting for the new iphone 7 as my phone now very lack lack. so thinking to sign package with phone.

  • kinohumishu

    ya. me too. i staying very deep inside the old flat. sometimes Digi line is not so stable.i am thinking to change to other telco. any recommended?

    • Ste Bun

      ya i think xpax line most places also ok. my friend said xpax one of the pioneers for telco so worth the try. only curious before this but i check for the signal seems ok. quite surprised with their stability in fact. plus now free waze and night owl. seems worth it for prepaid.

  • Ste Bun

    ‘unlimited off-peak usage (1AM-7AM) for MYR30 and MYR48 monthly packages.’ Digi line stable d? Before this i use line always reconnects.

    • Ong Dave

      The Monthly Rm30 UNLIMITED*, no idea do it really unlimited or some hidden t&c applied. but now do really 3 of the company doing promotion

    • Ste Bun

      yea Geisis Steve, same with with my case. And Ong Daze, talking about unlimited use now even Xpax also has from 1-7am and hi-speed internet somore. even offering free waze off the data if i buy any data. like free use only waze

    • Patter Bidd

      free waze is good! nw klang valley everywhr also jam ma. can also consider for second line eh. if they dont eat my own data then free waze is good!

    • Ong Dave

      but the waze dont cost lot of data also, unless you work as grab car or uber driver, then only useful for you, or everyday you drve to different place which is need waze to guide you…

    • Gelsis Steve

      my colleague, he subscribed the xpax magic sim,one day he try the unlimited internet burung hantu, second day come to work really become burung hantu, her eye full of dark, no enough sleep while streaming youtube movie,really not suitable on night time la

    • Gelsis Steve

      those telco line is base on location, some area will facing bad signal, my currently building here are bad signal for yellow man, but my house good signal for that, haizzz

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