Digi takes on Maxis’ Zerolution360 with PhoneFreedom 365

iPhone XR from as low as MYR117 per month
Digi PhoneFreedom 365
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Just in time to welcome the coming of Apple’s new iPhone XS and XR devices in Malaysia, Digi has launched a new device ownership programme – PhoneFreedom 365. The programme lets you take home one of the new iPhone models from as low as MYR117 per month.

[UPDATED] With more details on Digi Shield device protection.

Digi PhoneFreedom 365 isn’t too different from Maxis Zerolution360 and Celcom EasyPhone, enabling eligible customers to pick up a new phone without upfront payment or monthly interest charges, and the option to upgrade to a new model every 18-24 months. Devices are also covered against accidental damage and theft (additional fees apply).

Key details

The device programme comes with a Digi Postpaid Rate Plan (up to Digi Postpaid 190) and a 24-month Device Instalment plan. As mentioned, there’s no upfront payment for eligible customers (minimum six months as a Digi Postpaid customer with a good payment record).

The programme offers three tiers of devices: Tier 1 includes the latest iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, while Tier 2 includes the previous generation iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note9, Huawei Mate 20 and more. Tier 3, on the other hand, offers a single model – the iPhone 6, which does not qualify for free phone upgrades.

In terms of upgrades, you’ll be able to exchange your old phone with a new one at no upgrade from the 18th month forward (Tier 1). If you choose not to upgrade, you can keep the phone at the end of the 24-month contract.

As an example, you can pick up the iPhone XR 64GB (RRP: MYR3,599) for as low as MYR117 per month with a Digi Postpaid 190 plan. The plan gives you 200GB of all-day data, unlimited calls to all networks, free roaming and IDD calls across 10 countries, and additional 5GB of internet roaming data, 60mins roaming voice calls and 60mins IDD voice calls.

If you’re not a huge data user then the base Digi Postpaid 80 plan will give you 20GB all-day data, 10GB weekend data and 30GB YouTube data. You’ll also enjoy unlimited calls to all networks, while roaming and IDD calls across 10 countries is a MYR15 monthly option. Additionally, you’ll also get 5GB of internet roaming data, 60mins roaming voice calls and 60mins IDD voice calls.

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If you’d rather own the flagship iPhone XS Max, you can take home the 64GB (RRP: MYR5,399) for MYR187 per month with a Digi Postpaid 190 plan.

Digi Shield device protection

For added peace of mind, there’s optional Digi Shield that protects the device from accidental damage and theft.

[UPDATED] Communicating with Digi customer service via phone, it was revealed that there are two tiers to Digi Shield. Digi has released a statement regarding Digi Shield:
“With reference to the recent press release on PhoneFreedom 365, we regret that the info on Digi Shield was not clearly presented. To clarify, Digi Shield is an optional add-on for PhoneFreedom 365. There are two types of protection – ScreenCrack, and Full Coverage (which covers accidental damage/liquid damage and attended theft). Prices differ based on device price. Those interested can learn more at https://new.digi.com.my/program/digi-shield-device-protection.

The basic ScreenCrack tier covers screen crack protection, while Premium offers full coverage from accidental damage/liquid damage to attended theft.

Both plans incur additional cost, and the rate depends on the value/price of the device.

For devices between MYR3,100-MYR6,000, there’s an additional one-time MYR229 fee that will give you coverage for 24 months. For devices between MYR6,100-MYR8,000, it costs MYR269.

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For the Full Coverage tier, it will cost an additional MYR39 per month for devices valued between MYR3,100-MYR6,000. Meanwhile, it’s MYR49 per month for devices valued between MYR6,100-MYR8,000.

If you plan to upgrade after 18-24 months, it will make sense to get your iPhone covered as you will need to return the phone in good condition.

Bear in mind that this ups your monthly commitment by an additional MYR40-MYR50 if you’re opting for full coverage.

More details about Digi Shield here.

Sounds good? Sign up

To sign-up head over to any participating Digi Stores, Digi Store Express and Digi Online Store (with coupon code: FREEDOM 18).

Want to know more about the new iPhones? Read this announcement post.

For more information about PhoneFreedom 365, visit the official Digi page.

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