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Own the iPhone X from as low as MYR138/month with Celcom EasyPhone

We’re less than a day till the iPhone X goes for pre-order officially. Local telcos have wasted no time in announcing their pre-order details, inching towards the official launch date that’s 24 November 2017. Earlier, Celcom had announced midnight delivery for the iPhone X. And this just in: Celcom has released full details of its iPhone X plans and pricing of the devices.

Starting 17 November 2017, you can pre-order the iPhone X 64GB or 256GB with an array of plan options: FIRST Platinum Plus, FIRST Platinum, FIRST Gold Supreme and FIRST Gold Plus.

Based on the attached chart, the iPhone X 64GB can go from as low as MYR3,078 for the top rung FIRST Platinum Plus (MYR188 per month) plan, while the 256GB model costs MYR3,738.

Celcom’s affordable FIRST Gold Plus (MYR98 per month) plan will set you back MYR3,718 and MYR4,378 for the 64GB and 256GB models respectively.

The surprise is, and as speculated in my previous post, is the support for Celcom’s EasyPhone device ownership program.

EasyPhone is a convenient all-in-one plan that bundled the device and mobile plan into a single monthly payment. You wanted affordability? You got it.

With the FIRST Platinum Plus plan, you can take home the iPhone X 64GB from as low as MYR138/month, or the 256GB variant from MYR165 per month. The plans are based on a 24-month contract.

As you may know, Maxis has retired its Zerolution program for the iPhone leaving Celcom an advantage in this space.

The device is Apple’s most advanced and most radically designed yet. It boasts the most powerful mobile processor – the Apple A11 Bionic; the cutting-edge TrueDepth camera, wireless charging and iOS 11. For the first time ever, Apple has adopted an OLED display on the iPhone, which DisplayMate rates the best display on any smartphone yet.

The pre-order your iPhone X with Celcom, head over to the iPhone pre-order page.

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25 replies on “Own the iPhone X from as low as MYR138/month with Celcom EasyPhone”

Now i can see how to get the phone by giving the lowest cash, find a cheapest plan and the lowest repayment package. Like usual, compare the the price first before buy something.

For me, ask someone buy for me is the best way. But those people are not exist in real life now, everything must do it by my own. If want to have a new phone, earn money first.

I think this plan come at the right time, no need earn money first but you can own them first… can do by installment from easyphone… why not?

this payment is one of the way to get a new phone, but im prepaid user… Not really suitable for me… If buy car or house, i will more accept do the installment…

Is better to focus on main responsibilities and commitments. Nowadays everything is expensive. Including instalment, there sure be interest rate charges.

Not sure using may bank can get zero installment? haha…
but this plan really great because without down payment you can grab it…
if you from other telco got extra benefit i believe…

This easyphone i would say overall is good, but all the smartphone selection is premium range… not everyone can afford although they show with RM200 can own a smartphone… but in long term still consider a cost…

Actually RM200 in my opinion is still acceptable loh, the time period is split into 24 months so the amount that you need to pay every month is much lesser.

I think actually easyphone plan are the most convenient one la. Low price device + low price plan. Affordable almost everyone can get it.

Hell man! how convenient is that? encourage ppl to get a loan for 2 year paying it ?
if you r talking about convenient , rather you go for maxisOne package, that is the only make sense for convenient. also please do not said it low price. you need to go for mathematics tuition.

why that wont be call convenience, the service is designed for the customer who are unable settle with cash to get the new phone, provide the service with low upfront payment is consider as a benefit to customer already.

ya… for convenience, the plan in easyphone will not be bind.
the user can change the plan when feel the current plan is not good, that will able let the user feel more comfortable by sign up the plan.

but i think if every month can get consistent salary is better, people will not feel difficult when the person is getting their salary irregularly.

Usually if your banking records of payment is excellent, i guess getting 0 instalment should’t b a prob. But it all depends….

This is one of the choice our those cannot pay full amount one… if you can afford to pay full then just go for normal plan… i think sometime good for those want to get expensive smartphone can consider this…

True. Most of everything now is all using instalment. No matter what the risk is still there. Got to watch out. There’s always a catch behind it

If you plan your money usage properly then not really a big problem. For example setting 70% for expenses and saving the remaining 30% so that you will always have a backup in the time of emergencies.

Usually can do some research on the type and the cost of the phone. Always got advertisement on the cheapest package

Can check with easyphone actually… freedom to selection 21 smartphones and any plan…
can add device protection also if you got budget…

easyphone consider the appropriate plan for people that don’t want to waste big money on mobile device…one price can get phone and plan somemore not expensive as buy the phone itself.

if don’t want to waste big money, i will choose maxisOne or umobile lol
obviously this easyphone is too expensive if you know how to calculate it .

well, if you got a direction then that is a good thing, coz you know what you want.
So, good luck with your choice…

Why wanna go through the hassle of comparing prices?
Another option is go for 2nd hand items

ARE you sure you really know how to compare ?
how come i can’t really get the right amount after i compare this and maxis plan .
i’m vomit bout this articles lol…almost break my small heart.

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