Digi hits back with new Postpaid 80 plan, bundling 10GB of data for MYR80/month

Digi Postpaid Plan 80
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In the local telco space, this couple of days have been relentless. U Mobile announced its Data BackPack, Celcom unveiled its Wonderoam and FIRST Platinum plan, and now Digi has another out from the closet. The improved Digi Postpaid 80 plan offers 10GB of data with unlimited calls and text, at just MYR80/month.

This looks like a direct response to Celcom’s much-raved FIRST Gold postpaid plan that also gives you 10GB of monthly internet data and unlimited calls and text at the same price point.

In a nutshell, the Digi Postpaid 80 gives you 10GB of monthly internet quota – with a 7GB (anytime) + 3GB (weekend) split. As a comparison, Celcom’s FIRST GOLD does a 5GB + 5GB split.

You’ll be able to rollover unused data to the next month, up to 2GBs’ worth.

There’s unlimited calls to all networks, and unlimited SMS to 3 Digi Friends. SMS rate is otherwise 10sen per SMS.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy unlimited social with WhatsApp and WeChat. Other perks include 100GB of Capture cloud storage, Digi Music Freedom (free streaming with Spotify and Apple Music) and 12-month access to iflix.

This is a limited time offer, valid till 30 June 2016. It is valid for current and new customers.

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From the offset, this plan looks competitive and packs plenty of value. Don’t forget that U Mobile’s HERO Postpaid P70 is also a compelling plan.

The telcos are at each other throats at the moment. It’s volatile but on the flip side, consumers are spoilt for choice. What’s your pick?

Head over to Digi for more information.

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  • Alex Tan

    But not cheaper than the secret promotion for port-in users
    they can get RM 70 FOR 12GB plan!!!

    • YinYing

      ya!! i heard it from others forum also
      it’s so unfair for us
      current users can take a more expensive plan than people who new to digi
      and more worst that it
      people pay 70 enjoy 12gb!!! we pay 80 enjoy 10gb
      ridiculous !!

    • Sergio Cames

      is that real?
      OMG RM70 for 12gb that’s great
      but why only for port-in?

    • YinYing

      is true
      they only promote in east malaysia
      but i ask in KL they can’t tell me clearly and some just say don’t know
      and they say it’s for all malaysia
      but it just for port-in only..

    • Sergio Cames

      too upset to hear that..
      i interested but can’t get it
      why the telco all did the same things recently – –

    • YinYing

      i think because many maxis’s users unsatisfied their services and ready to port-out
      so all telco are trying to target them and come out this type of foolish strategic
      i am upset too because i am current users so can’t take this 70plan
      only can take this 80 plan

    • Alex Tan

      Then why not they publish to all users
      because this plan obviously unfair to us
      just rm10 different but gt extra 2gb for cheaper plan LOL

    • Sergio Cames

      OMG they port-out so ignore us?
      actually their service is bad too
      coverage and stability!! if they not going to improve
      the next time will be us to port-out!!

    • Aaron Wong

      Isn’t it obvious???
      All because of $$$.

    • Althernoy Chan

      Oh well..
      they said this plan have to sign two years contract also
      if anythings happen should have some trouble
      have to pay money
      that’s what i heard la

    • Alex Tan

      ya that’s true
      if possible people also will not to sign contract one
      it’s too dangerous because you won’t know what happen in future
      if break contract need to pay a few hundred more to telco

    • Aaron Wong

      only one year contract is needed for the plan. After end of the contract, I think the price will revert back to rm80.

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