Cum get your hands on an iPhone 6s

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This sounds like a fapulous deal. The iPhone 6s that you’ve been dying to get your hands on? could be a stroke away. In China at least, all you need to do is donate your little ones at a sperm bank. No kidney/liver/dog needed.

The Mirror reported that sperm banks in China sent the plight out through WeChat messages to followers. A message called “New ways to get an iPhone 6s” along with an image of the phone was sent through the popular IM platform.

The bank is seeking donors aged 22 to 45, and each donor is set to receive CNY5,000 (RM3,329). The iPhone 6s is priced at CNY5,288 (RM3,521) on mainland China.

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Let your fingers do the talking

It’s rather baffling that the world’s most populous country (2015: over 1.4 billion) can be running low on future talent and it shockingly needs to fill up sperm banks around the country. The Hubei Human Sperm Bank was first to disseminate the message out, followed by the Shanghai Human Sperm Bank at Renji Hospital.

China limits sperm banks to only one in each province and all 18 are struggling to attract new donors.

Apple announced the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on September 10, 2015. The dynamic duo is set to go on sale in China alongside 11 other countries on 25 September 2015. China is a huge market for Apple, with revenues growing 110% last quarter. China including Hong Kong and Taiwan contributes almost a third of total revenues. Analysts say China may have driven as much as 20% of iPhone 6s pre-orders, since pre-orders kicked off on 12 September.

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So, let’s start cranking then shall we?

How much is that flight ticket to China, again?

Source: Soyacincau, The Mirror

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