Adobe and Coca-Cola invite creatives to push limit at Special Olympics

Coke x Adobe x You
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Two gargantuan brands, leaders in their respective domains—Adobe and Coca-Cola have come together to create a platform for creative communities. At Adobe MAX 2017, the dynamic duo launched Coke x Adobe x You, a campaign that centres around creating exceptional experiences for a meaningful cause. In this case, using the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as a stage.

In this exclusive global campaign, Coca-Cola is providing the creative community with full access to its iconic assets including the Coca-Cola Spencerian script and the dynamic ribbon.

While they couldn’t be more different in the industries they operate in, Adobe and Coca-Cola share similar values in design, quality, brand integrity and user experience.

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This unique collaboration invites Adobe’s global creative community together to participate in a brief with an influential brand like Coca-Cola.

It isn’t limited to professionals of course. If you’re a creative person by nature and use Adobe’s suite of tools, you’re most welcomed to participate too.

Adobe and Coca-Cola meanwhile has briefed 15 creative professionals from various countries, including graphic designer Gemma O’Brien of Australia, and photographer Guy Aroch of Israel, to develop an inspired work of art.

Coke x Adobe x You
Artwork by Birgit Palma

“The Perfect Serve”

“Design has been at the heart of Coca-Cola for 130 years. With Tokyo 2020 as the stage, we are thrilled to collaborate with Adobe, share our most beloved visual assets with designers and creatives everywhere,” said James Sommerville, vice president of global design at The Coca-Cola Company.

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I had the opportunity to have a brief chat with Sommerville, and he explained that brand experience and design have always been rooted in the brand and company. The challenge, he says, is how to translate the traditional experience of the brand (i.e opening the can of Coke, the ‘pop,’ the first sip, the taste, the fizz) into a digital manifestation.

It was a nice segue into my question about what sparked the collaboration between the two brands. Was it over a can of Coke? I asked jokingly. Sommerville explained that it started from him attending last year’s Adobe MAX, and how he was blown away by the experience.

It inspired him to want his team and agency to work with Adobe to do something meaningful for the creative community. Whether seasoned professionals or undiscovered talents who are working from their rooms, or in Starbucks. The idea was to create a creative stage, and decidedly the theme was Tokyo 2020.

For every submission received by December 31, 2017, Coca-Cola will donate to Special Olympics, up to $30,000.

Here’s how you can take part

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It’s an open canvas, so whether it’s graphic design, photography, motion graphics, 3D or illustration, the only limit is your imagination.

Check out some of the work in the online gallery. I’m sure that will spark some ideas and inspire you to put your ideas into motion.

Coke x Adobe x You
Artwork by Kouhei Nakama.

Source: Adobe Blog

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