Celcom offers the Huawei P20 for free

Huawei P20 Celcom

The three major telcos are all in when it comes to the new Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. As an alternative to buying one off the shelf at full price, purchasing one from a telco with a plan is more accessible for most. As seen with plans offered by Digi and Maxis, you can pick up the new photography-focused devices for subsidised prices. Next in line is Celcom, who’s giving you the chance to take home the Huawei P20 for free.

It’s no surprise that the “free” device is applicable only to Celcom’s top rung FIRST Platinum Plus plan that costs MYR188 per month. It’s pretty similar to the pricing structure of the MaxisONE Plan 188, although Celcom’s offering gives you more data – 100GB per month to be exact.

Unlike Digi who offers a straight forward contract plan, Celcom gives you two main choices: a normal postpaid contract plan, or via its EasyPhone device instalment program (Celcom’s Zerolution competitor).

First, let’s look at the normal contract plan options.

Celcom FIRST

Celcom offers a total of four postpaid plan options ranging from as low as MYR98 per month, all the way up to MYR188 per month.

Huawei P20 Pro Celcom
Huawei P20 Pro plans
Huawei P20 Celcom
Huawei P20 plans

Its FIRST Gold Plus (MYR98 per month) gives you 40GB of data (20GB weekday + 20GB weekend), unlimited calls, 20sen/SMS to all networks, free 100GB Super Video Walla and free unlimited social apps (WhatsApp & WeChat). With this plan, the Huawei P20 costs MYR1,838 while the P20 Pro goes for MYR2,408. Note that there’s an upfront payment of MYR300 regardless of model.

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Next up is the FIRST Gold Supreme plan (MYR128 per month), which gives you 50GB of data (25GB weekday + 25GB weekend), unlimited calls, 20sen/SMS to all networks, free 100GB Super Video Walla and free unlimited social apps (WhatsApp & WeChat). The P20 costs MYR1,678 while the P20 Pro is priced at MYR2,258. The upfront fee for either models is MYR500.

Celcom’s popular FIRST Platinum plan (MYR148 per month) delivers 60GB of data (30GB weekday + 30GB weekend), unlimited calls, 20sen/SMS to all networks, free 30GB Video Walla and free unlimited social apps (WhatsApp & WeChat). For this plan, the P20 costs MYR1,538, while the P20 Pro is MYR2,118. The upfront is MYR600.

As mentioned, with its most expensive plan – FIRST Platinum Plus, you can take home the P20 for nothing at all. There is of course still an upfront fee of MYR1,500 for this device. Meanwhile, the P20 Pro costs MYR1,728 with an upfront fee of MYR1,000. The plan gives you 100GB of all-day monthly data, unlimited calls, 20sen/SMS to all networks, free 100GB Super Video Walla and free unlimited Social Apps (WhatsApp & WeChat).

You’ve heard of Video Walla, but what’s Super Video Walla? Super Video Walla, introduced in October last year, is like the original Video Walla add-on but offers up to 100GB of dedicated video streaming data. Video Walla passes can be used to watch video content on YouTube, Netflix, iflix, tonton, Astro GO, dimsum, and more.

Huawei P20 and P20 Celcom EasyPhone
Celcom EasyPhone without Device Protection
Huawei P20 and P20 Celcom EasyPhone
Celcom EasyPhone with Device Protection


Celcom’s EasyPhone is an affordable, convenient way to own the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. It’s an all-in-one device ownership program that bundles a device’s 24-month instalment together with a FIRST postpaid plan. You can read more about it here.

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Under the EasyPhone option, you can pick up a P20 froHuawei P20 Celcomm as low as MYR85 per month with the FIRST Platinum plan. If you opt for Device Protection which protects your beautiful P20/P20 Pro from accidental damage and theft, it will cost you around MYR15-25 more per month. The P20 Pro, on the other hand, can go from as low as MYR145 per month on the FIRST Platinum Plus plan.

Note that there’s an upfront payment of three months instalment for new or existing customers who have been with Celcom for less than a year. Existing Celcom customers who have been the telco for at least 12 months with a good payment record has the upfront payment waived.

By the way, unlike Digi, Celcom offers three colour options for the P20 and P20 Pro: Black, Midnight Blue and Pink Gold.

So, a normal contract or pay with instalment? You decide.

For more information about Celcom bundles, visit Celcom’s Huawei P20 and P20 Pro pages.

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