Celcom reveals iPhone 8 plans and pricing ahead of Malaysian launch


Pre-orders of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus officially start tomorrow, 13 October 2017. The new generation smartphone from Apple is set to hit retail channels starting 20 October 2017. This hasn’t stopped telco Celcom in revealing its contract plans and retail pricing of the devices ahead of time.

As expected, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are offered together with Celcom’s FIRST Postpaid contract plans. The iPhone 8 goes from as low as MYR1,748 while the iPhone 8 Plus starts from MYR2,188. Celcom has inadvertently revealed full retail pricing of the iPhone models (before GST), even before any official Apple announcement.

Based on 6% GST, the iPhone 8 line-up should be priced as follows:

  • iPhone 8 64GB – MYR3,599
  • iPhone 8 256GB – MYR4,299
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – MYR4,099
  • iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – MYR4,799

It’s slightly more than the iPhone 8 Malaysian pricing as predicted by our friends at Soyacincau, but it’s close nonetheless.

Do take note that this could be different from Apple Malaysia’s official pricing, which should be revealed tomorrow.

In terms of contract plans, Celcom is bundling the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with various plans ranging from MYR98 to MYR188 per month.

FIRST Platinum Plus (100GB) – MYR188/month
iPhone 8 64GB – MYR1,748
iPhone 8 256GB – MYR 2,408
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – MYR 2,188
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – MYR 2,848

FIRST Platinum (30GB+30GB) – RM148/month
iPhone 8 64GB – MYR 2,038
iPhone 8 256GB – MYR 2,698
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – MYR 2,468
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – MYR 3,128

FIRST Gold Supreme (25GB+25GB) – RM128/month
iPhone 8 64GB – MYR 2,178
iPhone 8 256GB – MYR 2,838
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – MYR 2,618
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – MYR 3,278

FIRST Gold Plus (20GB+20GB) – RM98/month
iPhone 8 64GB – MYR 2,398
iPhone 8 256GB – MYR 3,058
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – MYR 2,828
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – MYR 3,488

You can place your pre-order at Celcom’s Online Store, as well as head to their physical Blue Cube and Celcom outlets nationwide, starting tomorrow.

Celcom also has bundles for the older iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6.

Head over to Celcom for more information.


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Hmm buy this iphone 8 with celcom plan is more cheaper than buy the phone iphone users can buy new iphone at 20 time change the phone

Better do the survey in market first
As i know not only telco celcom got doing this iphone 8 plan but other telco also doing same thing as it luanch at the date you mention maybe you can get more cheaper price for the phone

agreed with u….. my friends said celcom plan a little bit expensive… it that true?? if yes, i will go to other telco then

Actually, any telco hv a same plan with celcom. More expnsive to get the phone. Why you need to pay more if you can get the phone cheaper than use the plan. Better you save your money and buy the iphone only at apple store than you need to pay more every month. Haha. 🙂

but celcom promotion for iphone is only RM 99 or RM 999 if we subscribe to their celcom first plan.. just pay every month for the bills until 24 month if im not wrong and the iphone will be yours! i think its quite cheaper and save more money rather than go to the apple store and buy 1 phone 8.. haahhahaha.. so, we better go to the launch event and grab it!

is it ? but I think if we get the phone with the plan we really can save more la. since we also have to pay for our bills every month right , why not just get the phone with the ready plan right

true. I think better we do the survey first as this is not cheap too but glad to know that Sunway Pyramid’s Blue Cube Iconic is launching IPhone 8 with promotion prices. we should go and survey there too

yeap but so far from what I know I only get to know the information from my friend is talking about celcom telco so I am really not sure the details for other telco

well said, if u dont have enough money, dont use an iphone go find ur self a cheaper phone then.. as long as u can make a call and reply a whatsapp! hahahahaha

Some people will find out the way to can get the Iphone if they dun have enough money to pay the original price like sign up a plan. A Iphone fan will do anything to support it.

I agreed with you dear. But with dis economy. Btter you think twice bfore you want to buy by sign up plan. It doesnt matter if you one of Iphone fan or what ever. You need to think bfore buy. Worried that, end of month you dont hve enough money bcs already pay the bill. Hahaha. Just for rminder. Hahaha. 😀

are you saying the Celcom event? I know the event launch at Sunway Pyramid, it will be a lot of promotion at there.. anyone interest can grab a phone at there.

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